Recommended cafes in Bacolod-Philippines

Kampana Cafe

Kampana Cafe is a must try for those who likes historical artifacts and castles. I felt like Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne to be honest, or Lucy Pevensie meeting on the Stone Table with Aslan. From it’s Lion inspired decors, Royalty vibes and dark wooden pannels one would never think that you’re still in Bacolod City. It has this surreal feeling to it that you just can’t explain. The patio of the cafe overlooks the castle but that’s not the best part, the best part is the affordability of their cuisines! 
The castle has now been completed and all its floors are now open for public viewing.

Wala Usik

 “Wala Usik” from the Hiligaynon terms  ‘Wala’ meaning ‘nothing’ and ‘Usik’ meaning ‘waste’ genereally means “nothing wasted”. A very fitting phrase for a much-needed cause: ZERO-WASTE. This cafe aims to awaken environmental consciousness and be a model of an environment-friendly social enterprise. This is also the first cafe of its kind in the Philippines.

When you go to the cafe make sure to bring your own containers if you plan to buy their merchandise and if you can also bring your own cup when you buy their coffee then you’re in for a big surprise.


The cafe gives off a rustic mixed with modern vibes with its wood embellished ceilings and striped walls. It offers a complete set of meal from appetizers to desserts but their best seller is their Nacho fries which looked really palatable in person. Also, one of their new culinary invention is their Avocado-Graham Shake, note though that it isn’t in the menu but the chef would whip it up for you if you ask the staff. 

I recommend going here with friends because their servings are pretty big it’s very good for sharing with a large group.


Living in the city where everything is a rush and sense of peacefulness seems too hard to come by; finding a place where you may work on your projects, write your book or researches and calm your mind while being served good food seems like a fleeting miracle. Thankfully, we found a new place where you just might get all of it and for a very affordable price: KOPISINA.

The place serves Authentic Taiwanese milk tea and has up to 100MB WiFi, they have comfy chairs for study groups all for an affordable price.


“Milk-tea” just mentioning the name brings smiles on our faces. Images of caramel swirling on top, the sweet gentle aroma of milk and a hint of tea, the pearls or puddings dancing in a circular motion gives you satisfying feeling. Milk-tea cafes has been sprouting almost everywhere nowadays but finding one where you can personalize and build your own is quite unique. Thus, we give you: BUILTEA.
Forget having a hard time deciding which milk tea to buy because here you can personalize your own .

Lala Mi Cafe 

Located along 13th Lacson Street, Lala Mi Cafe boasts of being the Home of the best Apple Pie. Upon entering the shop you will be greeted by the soft tune of music, cozy couches with attractive plush pillows and the sweet aroma of freshly-baked desserts.

I recommend getting their coffee Jelly and of course their famed apple pie.

Cactus Cafe

The interior of the cafe is truly Cactus-inspired, from paintings with succulents, mini cacti gardens, wallpapers to books you can never get enough with the shades of greens all around you. Feast your eyes with soothing and calming greens to darker shades that reminds you of the forest and mangrove trees. 
There are succulents in every table and for the aesthetic and quality of food you get it’s very budget friendly.


Open till eleven o’clock in the evening, Calea is your best go to place if you want to try some Bacolod-original delectable desserts too delicious it feels almost sinful.

Calea has since updated its menu as sugar prices go up and down these recent years. Still it’s more affordable than the other dessert cafes I’ve tried and what’s more important is that their cakes and pastries are palatable as ever.

It is a must-see for cake lovers and when you visit Bacolod everyone would recommend you to go to Calea.

C’s by L’Fishers 

Nothing entices my imagination more than dessert, chocolates dripping from churros, the sweet-comfortable-aroma of cinnamon and the smooth texture of that melts in my mouth is so mouth-watering I am sometimes left speechless and if you ever find yourself in Bacolod, one of the best places to satisfy your hunger would be C’s.

C’s has an indoor and outdoor areas for its customers and even a semi-exclusive room for a group of 20-30 people. Its marble tables, white coloured rattan chairs and industrial-inspired chandeliers delicately puts you in an old-era, romantic vibe.  

Their cronuts, churros and cragels are some of the best cuisines I’ve ever tasted.


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