Kopisina: Bacolod’s Newest Co-working Space


It’s funny how in this generation, people go to the mountains to calm their minds when in the olden days people yearn to live in the city.

Living in the city where everything is a rush and sense of peacefulness seems too hard to come by; finding a place where you may work on your projects, write your book or researches and calm your mind while being served good food seems like a fleeting miracle. Thankfully, we found a new place where you just might get all of it and for a very affordable price: KOPISINA.

How to Get There

Address: 88 Facade Building Heritage Town Center Narra Ext. Bacolod City

By Taxi, Grab or Hail

  1. Ask the driver that you will go to the Hertiage Town Center at Narra Extension, you will easily recognize it because it’s a line up of small establishments in pastel-coloured paint.


Upon arriving at the co-working space you will be greeted with the sight of a bar where you may order your food and inform the staff how much time you’ll be staying in the co-working space. Aside from being a co-working space they also serve Taiwanese cuisines which were to die for! So do order a food or two if you could! The area itself is inspired with minimalist interiors which has a calming effect on the brain. Less clutter = more ideas, right?


2 hours of stay without food: 80 pesos/head

2 hours of stay WITH FOOD: 50 pesos/head

Sit on their comfortable bean bags and write your heart out


We opted to stay for 2 hours with food and ordered 2 wintermelon milk-teas which we were informed comes with a pan. There were around 6 flavors you may choose from but we chose Custard, Raisin buttercream, garlic and coconut. Read until the end to find out how to get more flavors for the price of one. 

Try their best-sellers

For just 60 pesos you can get to try their sweet potato balls or fries


There were some  school supplies which you may borrow and use and their WIFI goes up to 100 MBPS! 

Board games and toys which you may borrow

Unlimited coffee & water for their customers

Concept rooms which you may reserve prior to your visit 



  • Upon ordering your milktea and pan, inform the staff that you would like to have two flavors for the pan if possible. They’d usually cut the pan into half and put different flavors on each side.
  • Did you know that milk teas originated from Taiwan? 
  • The area is quite new so tell the driver that you will go to Narra Extension, Heritage town center


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