Lakawon Island Itinerary Summer 2019


Sun-kissed skin, sand on my toes and saltwater on my hair. This is what summer is all about.

Settled off the coast of Barangay Cadiz Viejo in Cadiz city this gem of an island made rounds on social media and event caught national attention because of its Tawhay Floating Bar, the biggest floating bar in the country-to-date. As years pass and developments take place, let’s check out the newest amenities, services and cuisines Lakawon Island has to offer for summer 2019. 

How to Reach Lakawon Island
  1. From Bacolod central market ride on a Bata-Libertad or Mandalagan-Libertad Jeepney going to the North Bus Terminal- (8-10 php)
  2. Upon arriving at North Bus Terminal, get on a Ceres Bus bound for CADIZ
  3. Inform the conductor that you will be going to Lakawon, or you can just say Martisan Crossing (118 php)
  4. Get off the bus from Martisan Crossing, ride on a tricycle to Lakawon Island (private – 120 php/ shared 6 people – 20 php)
  1. The Airplane ride from Manila to Bacolod takes about 45 minutes to one hour vice-versa while it takes about 30 minutes from Cebu to Bacolod vice-versa 
  2. You may hire a private van from the airport going to Lakawon or a taxi from the airport to the North Bus Terminal 
  3. Ride a bus bound for Cadiz and get off at Martisan Crossing

The Ceres Bus going to Cadiz

The Bus Interiors

You may place your luggages on the overhead bins inside the bus

The bus has a complimentary sub charging point for each seat

The ticket costs 118 pesos one-way

This is where you will get off to ride a tricycle

The tricycle going to Lakawon Island


Lakawon has implemented a new chashless system, which now requires just three steps you’d need to accomplish upon arriving at their registration area in order to successfully receive your Lakawon Card (previously they required 6 steps)


Here you will need to register your name and each of your group member’s name in an online system, you’d also get to choose if you want a DAY TRIP PLAN or ADVENTURE PLAN (the adventure plan includes usage of TAWHAY FLOATING BAR). If you are undecided just choose the Adventuere plan then you may just inform the staff on the island whether or not you’d want to get on the Floating Bar.

STEPS 4 & 5 

Here you will need to decide on how much load you’d want to put into your Lakawon card, make sure to have enough load if you plan on using amenities such as your cottage, getting on the floating bar and food if you plan on eating at their restaurant instead. 


This is the last step where you will get your Lakawon Card and boarding pass for your members. Regardless of how many you are you will receive only one Lakawon Card. Lastly check out your group name and boat assignment on the monitor in the waiting area.

 Lakawon Island’s Restaurant & Menu

Lakawon has a wide range of main dishes and finger food which you may order from their grill bar or restaurant, here’s a peek on what to expect: 

Lakawon Island’s Restaurant

Lakawon Island Menu

Chicken Adobo Bundle for 2 and Lychee Shake

Chicken Adobo

Lychee Shake

The Grill Bar, they offer burgers and fries

Wash your hands in a giant clam!

Calamares and Pancit Guisado

 Lakawon Island’s Amenities

The island has a wide range of world-class amenities and water sports equipments that suits the needs of their international clients. They offer daybeds, huts, suites and assorted day tour activities like banana boat rides and kayaking.

Snap those Insta-worthy shots or just enjoy with family and friends 

Day Tour Information

  • Boat Schedule – Starts at 7:30am to 5:00pm 
  • Corkage Charge – 50/person
  • ALL-IN boarding pass – 350 php
  • Umbrella Hut- 600 php
  • Canopy Tents- 600-1000 php
  • Family Cottage – 1,200 php
  • Tawhai Floating Bar – 285

  • When going home ask the staff if their shuttle van service is available, if YES you may pay 200 pesos from the island to any destination in Bacolod city. It was very convenient and hassle-free.
  • Lakawon island charges a corkage fee of 50 pesos per person but they allow chips and a single bottled drink with no charge.
  • For more details about their other services and overnight stay, kindly check their website: 
  • For special events like weddings, company events, etc. send your inquiries:
  • You may also contact them through:

-09175022625 (Bookings & Reservations

-09491132202 (Bookings & Reservations)

-09175556979 (Island Reception) 


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