Kampana Cafe: A Castle In The City


It certainly gives you a game of thrones feels, especially if you have an affinity with the Lannisters.

I felt like Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne to be honest, or Lucy Pevensie meeting on the Stone Table with Aslan. From it’s Lion inspired decors, Royalty vibes and dark wooden pannels one would never think that you’re still in Bacolod City. It has this surreal feeling to it that you just can’t explain.

Don Esteban Guanzon’s dream dwelling place that now houses “Kampana Cafe”. Is just a stone’s throw away from Bacolod, Negros Occidental, located in Alijis-Murcia City Road it opened its doors to the public December of 2018 just in time for the holidays. For years it’s doors have been shut and one cannot help but wonder what surprise lurks behind those castle-like gates and tall-standing towers and yet, the long wait is now over.

How to Reach Kampana Cafe
  • From Bacolod central market ride Mansilingan jeepney or La Salle jeepney going to Libertad Public Market (8 pesos)
  • Get on a jeepney named: “Murcia” (15 pesos going to Kampana Cafe)
  • The waiting area of Murcia is usually in front of Jolibee Libertad.
  • Tell the driver you will get off Kampana Cafe
You will be greeted by two staffs upon arriving at the Castle where you will line up and pay 50 pesos.

The Place
The house which was later turned into a castle-like estate was first built section by section in the year 1970. Don Esteban Guanzon inspired by his two daughters wanted to build a Disneyland-looking playground complete with Disney and Greek-inspired characters. To this day, some of them are left and could still be seen.

The house mirrors Don Guanzon’s zodiac sign as a Leo and is surrounded by Lion ornaments, statues and small details such as these:

Enter the Lion’s mouth here and be transported to Narnia

The castle also showcases precious Chinas, vintage items and statues, it even has a trapdoor which leads to nobody knows where. But hey, it awakens your sense of wonder and adventure!

Precious chinas can be found all over the castle so move gently!

a good place for some wine and conversation with friends

Tea set fit for a queen

Don Esteban and his wife were devotees of the Virgin Mother Mary and had a life-sized grotto patterned after Our Lady of Lourdes installed in the grounds of the estate, so you see this place isnt just great for sightseeing but for reflection as well.

The Cafe
The Kampana Cafe is now housed in the front section of the castle, it’s entrance is just beside the ticketing counter. They offer a variety of meals like Calamari,sausages, hamburgers and crinkles. The menu is pretty complete from main courses to desserts and even wine so be sure to check out the cafe! Here is a picture of the menu:

Main Menu of the Kampana Cafe

Drinks, drink, drinks. kampai!

King Arthur’s Burger



  • There are atleast 7 Lion-inspired decors all around the castle, how many did you find?
  • There’s a trapdoor somewhere in the Castle, I wonder where it leads?
  • The Castle has a total of 7 floors but for now only 2 floors are open to the public. Renovations are ongoing.


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