C’s: Stories of Chocolates, Churros and Cronuts


“Croissant-donuts, churros dipped in chocolates and  Mango puddings.” My friend blabbed away while we were riding a taxi, “where are going again?” I asked, “C’s” she replied with a smile like a kid going to her favorite place.

Nothing entices my imagination more than dessert, chocolates dripping from churros, the sweet-comfortable-aroma of cinnamon, freshly-baked breads and the smooth texture of cakes in my mouth is so mouth-watering I am sometimes left speechless and if you ever find yourself in Bacolod, one of the best places to satisfy your hunger would be C’s.

How to Get There

Address: Beside L’Fishers Hotel, Corner 15th and Lacson Street

By Jeepney:

  1. Ride a jeepney bound for Mandalagan-Libertad or Bata-Libertad from Central Market. (8php to 10 pho)
  2. Ask the driver that you will be going down at L’Fishers hotel.

 C’s Interior 

C’s has an indoor and outdoor areas for its customers and even a semi-exclusive room for a group of 20-30 people. Its marble tables, white coloured rattan chairs and industrial-inspired chandeliers delicately puts you in an old-era, romantic vibe.  

 C’s Updated Menu 2019

C’s has since updated their menu and whipped up some exciting new flavours for their cronuts and craves since their first release. Check out this C’s updated menu below:

 C’s Cakes, Cronuts and Pantry

Upon arriving at C’s around past 8 in the evening I was greeted by welcoming staffs, and the scent of warm bread. It was heaven for my senses since I am a bread lover. I ordered a cronut and paired caramel frappe with hopes that I could sleep that night with all this sugar in my system, but thought that it was worth it anyways and I was proven right. Their sanarival cronut is a piece of heaven on Earth.


  • Their Pastramo Cragel and cronuts are to die for! Try ordering Bacolod-flavoured cronuts if available. 
  • The Cafe is paer of the L’fishers group, so even when you are dining in L’fishers, you can actually ask for C’s menu and eat it in L’fishers Chalet restaurant instead.  


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