Cactus Cafe: A Succulent Lover’s Haven


It’s a whole new level when you find yourself loving the things that can wound you. 

Cactus, cacti, prickly pear, call it what you want it’s easily recognisable with its unique look and intriguing designs.  From the deserts to your desk, home furnishings and outdoor gardens Cactus truly is a versatile plant that can add a pop of colour to wherever you put it but did you know that it doesn’t end there? 

Recently it’s also been used as a theme for another concept cafe here in the city of smiles and what best way to confirm it than visiting this succulent lover’s paradise: Cactus Cafe! 

How to Get There

Address: In front of Ceres Southbound Terminal

By Jeepney:

  1. Ride La Salle from Central Market- 8 php to 10 php
  2. Ask the driver that you will get down in front of Ceres terminal


The interior of the cafe is truly Cactus-inspired, from paintings with succulents, mini cacti gardens, wallpapers to books you can never get enough with the shades of greens all around you. 

Feast your eyes with soothing and calming greens to darker shades that reminds you of the forest and mangrove trees. 


Cactus Cafe has a variety of dishes you may choose from, it features a vast array of healthy and sumptuous meals from rainbow cheese sandwiches to sparkling raspberry drinks.

You may find some of their most popular desserts already unavailable though but no worries they usually inform the customers which drinks are available and not available for the day. 


You’ll find a vast array of succulents without the cafe with each table having it’s small cacti-garden. There are the usual cactus types within the cafe such as monkey’s tail, balloon cactus and the golden barrel cactus.

Aside from succulents they also have wall paintings and Instagram-worthy points within the cafe which you just shouldn’t miss!


  • There are some melas not listed in the menu and are instead shown in photographs on the cafe’s walls so be sure to ask for it if it catches your eyes
  • The Cafe isn’t directly in front of the Ceres southbound terminal, look to your right and you will find it near the billiard store.



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