HOTEL CELESTE: Elegance in The City


Staying in a different city poses a lot of challenges and finding yourself a good hotel can make or break your vacation

I love hotels, I like looking through pictures, reviews and experiences they have to offer to their customers and knowing that I could also experience them first hand very soon. This time I wanted to try something new – a botique hotel, and this is what happened. 

At first glance Hotel Celeste may look like your average hotel, it has the signature look of a valet, wide-view windows and stylish-concrete-columns but what makes it standout is it’s interiors and it’s location. 


The hotel is located at the heart of the active and very much alive city of Makati. It is about 1-2 minutes walk away from Greenbelt, Landmark and SM as well as numerous spas and cafes.


Another excellent experience this hotel has to offer is their very hospitable and accommodating welcome to their clientele. They offer hassle-free and quick check-in, a welcome drink and a 15 minute free leg and foot massage, talk about “omotenashi”.


The hotel doesn’t only offer a good stay but good feed for your instagram as well. Upon arriving you will be indulged into a view of their stylish lobby, complete with a grand piano, glass structured walls and marbled floors. Snap away and take those insta-worthy photos!


If you have the tendency to go “hangry” like me. You’d know that good food makes good mood and I was so lucky to be able to taste their lavish and palatable in-room dining. Their breakfast set is very much recommended! 


Finally, my favourite part. Room tour! Their rooms do not only offer comfort but style, at its best. Their deluxe rooms offer a 25sqm of European modern style goodness! Their bath has white marble tiles with rain shower and wooden floors. Each room comes with a complimentary WiFi, a work table, a dresser, glass cabinets, in-room safe, iron and ironing board (per request) and television just to make a few. See for yourself: 


  • The make up room and the bathroom comes with L’OCCITANE shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, so much luxury! 
  • They offer posh packages for weekend getaways so be sure to check out their website.
  • Their restaurant closes by 10 in the evening but not to worry since it’s just a walking distance from Greenbelt which restaurants are open till late at night.
  • They offer in-room massages for a price.
  • Check our their website for bookings and more: 



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