Daebak: A Korean Gastro Experience Like No Other

“Korean wave” a phenomenon that sent the Korean culture, music and cuisine famous all over Asia and in different parts of the world and Philippines wasn’t spared. 

When you hear the word Korea, three words usually comes to your mind: K-POP, Dramas and Myeongodong. Korean cuisine came armed with its artillery of kimchi, samgyeopsal and ramyeon to tease our tastebuds and as Flipinos who are mostly born with an innate appreciation for good food— we just couldn’t say no.

How to Get There

Address: #73 Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City

By Jeepney:

  1. Ride a jeepney bound for Mandalagan-Libertad or Bata-Libertad from Central Market. (8php to 10 pho)
  2. Ask the driver that you will be going down #73 Lacson St. or Daebak

Daebak’s Interior 

Daebak’s interior reminded me of the drama “Cheese in the trap”, it has the characteristic of the booming Minimalistic trend in Korean cafes. The colors of its walls were neutral, the wooden chairs were paired with a much lighter coloured wooden table and over-all it gives you a relaxing vibe.

Daebak’s Menu

There are the usual Korean items on their menu such as Jap chae, Ramen, Kimchi and Bibimbap. The menu offers not only Korean but as well as a famous Filipino dish called “Baticulon”.

Authentic Korean Experience

What I liked most except for the food is their staff’s welcoming and warm attitude. They’d offer to help you cut or cook some dishes as well as refill your food if you ever choose their Samgyeopsal (Highly recommended).


  • They sometimes have special offers like 3+1 which means that if three people orders Samgyeopsal you may add another person for free.. 
  • If you ever reserve please be reminded that they only allow a 5 minute waiting time after 6 PM to accommodate more customers.
  • For reservations kindly contact: 09095267361
  • Check our their Facebook page to find out more: https://m.facebook.com/DaeBak-Korean-Restaurant-1786378364731706/


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