Wala Usik: Bacolod’s First Zero Waste Cafe


Zero waste: a philosophy that encrouages revamping of the usage of resources so that all products used can be reused.


The Earth is suffering: wildlife extinctions, coal powered plants, smog that makes you cough up blood and plastics dominating the oceans. For years and years environmentalists had been fighting for a more sustainable and earth-friendly approach and yet it seems unheard or much worst ignored by most of us.

I have, in my own way made simple ways to reduce my usage of plastics such as not using plastic straws in restaurants and buying eco-bags to be used when shopping but upon knowing that still, dozens of species are becoming extinct each day I know I can still do more. So upon hearing that an Eco-inspired, Zero-waste Cafe descended into my city I couldnt be more ecstatic. 


“Wala Usik” from the Hiligaynon terms  ‘Wala’ meaning nothing and ‘Usik’ meaning ‘waste’ genereally means “nothing wasted”. A very fitting phrase for a much-needed cause: ZERO-WASTE. This cafe aims to awaken environmental consciousness and be a model of an environment-friendly social enterprise. 

The Location

Located at Lacson Street in Barangay Mandalagan this cafe is led by a nonprofit organization named PRRCFI or Phlippine Reed and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Incorporation. It’s also the same organization behind Danjugan Island’s marine and wildlife camps.

How to Get There

By Jeepney

  1. Ride a Jeepney named: Mandalagan – 8 php to 10 php
  2. Ask the driver that you will go down Teresa Building before Bangga Pepsi or just say “North Tourist Inn building”

By Taxi, Grab or Hail

  1. Ask the driver that you will go “North Tourist Inn building” in Mandalagan, just before Bangga Pepsi
  2. The Cafe is new so a lot of taxi drivers and jeepyney drivers still dont know its location


  1. You will be passing by Robinson’s Mall
  2. The Cafe is in front of the ascending side of the overpass
  3. Look for the blue-colored building on the right side coming from the central market.

The Store and the Cafe

The interior of the Cafe itself is the epitome of a cicular economy with an artistic touch. The light fixtures are made from old bottles, the Chandelier is made from spoon, the tip jar is made from an old lamp, the list goes on and on. Here’s what it looks inside:

The Menu

The Cafe offers a variety of drinks and snacks such as Lemon Tartes, Banana Cakes, Drip coffees and French Press. I recommend the Lemon Tarte because it was so appetizing and their coffee drip which was made from locally grown coffee grains. 


The Merchandise

As a social enterprise they offer their customers not only delectable dishes but special zero-waste merchandise as well. Most of these are locally made, grown or taken from other parts of the Philippines. They sell several rice varieties such as:white, brown and red rice. They also sell upcycled accessories handmade from the Philippines, metal straws, cloth diapers and coco bowl with scoops. Last but definitely not the least, they sell condiments which you may buy per gram and home necessities such as fabric conditioners, shampoo bars, body soaps and dishwashing soaps. Be sure to bring your own containers! They have a weighing scale where you may weigh your items and pay at the cashier. 

The Rules in Buying Your Items
The Conclusion?

Over all, the experience was great. Their staffs were kind and knowledgeable of the things inside the Cafe, we were lucky to be taught by Sir Leonard on how to properly prepare Red Rice before cooking to make it more flavorful and he also explained to us where their ingredients come from. It was cozy and had a welcoming vibe and we’ll definitely be back there! I’d also like to note that they were awarded a certificate of recognition for their environmental efforts during the Zero waste month of 2019! So what are you waiting for? Invite your environmentalist, nature lover or any friend you’d like to share this initiative with, it’s a new year for making positive changes to our lifestyle and Mother Earth as well. 


  • Bring your own coffee mug and avail of some amazing discounts!
  • I ate Lemon tarte and Banana cake along with my drip coffee but only paid about 125! Who said healthy living was expensive? 
  • Their snacks are of sizeable portions compared to their prices which was a surprise for us! Make sure to taste their snacks because they are to die for!
  • They do accept tips so make sure to leave some if you could
  • They hold Baybayin workshops so if you’re interested to join, do contact them through their facebook page or messenger here: https://m.facebook.com/walausik.tiangge/


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