Bacolod’s Best: Apple Pie


Pies, who doesn’t love them? Who doesn’t long for that flavorful aroma? That fruity taste and the smile they bring to our faces?.

Ah! Apple pies, such heavenly aroma, a sweet, delicious delicacy. You may not know this but Apple pies go as far back as 1381. It’s recipe, first created by Geoffrey Chaucer included: raisins, figs, pastry shells, pears, and apples. It later found its way to the US and even became a symbol of patriotism for Americans which created the expressions ‘as American as apple pie‘.

One day I was strolling along Lacson Street when I happen to pass by a small, attractive Café with a signage outside seemingly suggesting that it makes the Best Apple Pies in my city: Bacolod. So without hesitation I entered and I tell you, I can vouch for it. Here goes Lala Mei Cafe.

How to Get There

Address: 24 13th Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

By Jeepney:

  1. Mandalagan or Bata from Central Market- 8 php to 10 php
  2. Ask the driver that you will go down at “Mayfair Plaza”
  3. From Mayfair walk straight for about 1 minute and you will find Lala Mei Cafe on the right side of the road.


  1. Sorrento and Mayfair Plaza

 Lala Mi Cafe 

Located along 13th Lacson Street, Lala Mi Cafe boasts of being the Home of the best Apple Pie. Upon entering the shop you will be greeted by the soft tune of music, cozy couches with attractive plush pillows you may rest your back on and the sweet aroma of fresh-bakes desserts. Here’s what it looks like inside and outside.

The Menu

Not only do they create delightfully rich and all-American Apple pies, they also offer lemon squares, coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream, butter polvoron and banana cakes. 

Try to check their menus for their breakfast meals, pizzas and open sandwiches too!


  • The Cafe has a warm and comfortable atmosphere perfect for dates and tete-a-tete with friends.
  • Lacson Street is lined up with must-try cafes so be sure to walk around if you have the luxury of time


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