CALEA: Bacolod’s Best Pastries & Cakes


It’s simply Bacolod’s Best, when you hear CALEA you think of Bacolod, you think of home. 

Sugar: soft, useful, a dust of goodness straight from a fairy’s lair. Negros, also known as the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines” has sugar as its lifeblood as it provides almost half of the country its need of sweetness, it is therefore very fitting that when traveling to its capital: Bacolod City, the prospect of hitting up something sweet isn’t surprising.

Open till eleven o’clock in the evening, Calea is your best go to place if you want to try some Bacolod-original delectable desserts too delicious it feels almost sinful.

How to Get There

Address: Lourdes – C Building,  Lacson St. Bacolod City (across L’Fishers Hotel)

By Jeepney:

  1. Ride a jeepney bound for Mandalagan-Libertad or Bata-Libertad from Central Market. (8php to 10 php)
  2. Ask the driver that you will be going down in Calea or L’Fishers.

 CALEA: Pastries and Cakes

Calea has since updated its interiors since the last time I visited it, gone are it’s sodden vintage doors and in its place is a new crystal-swing door with the words: Eat more cake on it, very apt if you ask me. 

 CALEA’S 2019 Updated Menu

Calea has since updated its menu as sugar prices go up and down these recent years. Still it’s more affordable than the other dessert cafes I’ve tried and what’s more important is that their cakes and pastries are palatable as ever. 


I arrived at Calea at around 8 in the evening and the place is filled with locals and tourists alike, their wide selection of cakes was mouthwatering and I wanted to try atleast 3-5 of them but unfortunately I just came from a pizza party and my stomach only has a small room left for dessert. I let my stomach win and ordered their famed Chocolate mud pie which I availed for 120 pesos or around 240 ¥ then paired it with chamomile tea for as little as 60 pesos or 120 ¥.


  • Chocolate mud pie is synonymous with Calea, it’s their best seller and a must try! 
  • The Cafe is in front of L’fishers hotel, one of the oldest and most beautiful hotel in Bacolod city.


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