Must-try Desserts in SM Bacolod 2019


I didn’t expect it to taste very similar to what I ate in the shops of Harajuku so I searched it on the internet and found out it was actually legit.

New year, new opportunities they say but for SM Bacolod, 2019 seems like a new year for new business opportunities as more popular franchises arrive into the city to satisfy the Bacolodnon’s thirst for new desserts and creative cafes. 

In lieu of this, here are two new dessert chains that found their way into the city of smiles this 2019. 

Maxi Mango’s Location and Menu

Location: First floor, SM Bacolod South Wing

Menu: They offer Maxi-Mango, Mango Shake, Mango Float and Mango-Juice Float

Bestseller: Mango Float

Chiba Sweets’s Location and Menu

Location: First floor, SM Bacolod South Wing, near the SM Cinema

Menu: They offer Japanese crepes and Chiba balls,

Bestseller: Matcha Crepe


  • Chiba is a prefecture in Japan beside Tokyo, it’s where you can find Tokyo Disneyland and Narita Airport, it’s famous for its locally-produced nuts.
  • Prefecture is similar to Regions in the Philippines.  



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  • There s a funny story behind this. When my friend s husband asked his friends what he should bring home from Bacolod, they didn t tell him piaya, biscocho or even pinasugbo. They told him it s that Chocolate cake from a local shop but they couldn t remember the name. Just recently, on his third trip back to Bacolod, he was able to bring the said cake so my officemate brought it today here in the office. She was raving about it (which was right, actually) but when one of her teammates, saw it, he remarked right away that it was calea chocolate cake. Apparently, the owner is a first cousin of his mom. haha! small world. However, like you, I call that destiny! 🙂

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