Most Beautiful Tokyo Illumination Spots 2019-2020

Spending your first Christmas in a foreign land may seem like a dream come true for travelers like me. You get to taste just how different something you’ve known since childhood is in other parts of the world. – Zygel Doll Iino

When I arrived in Japan, I had certain thoughts on how Christmas is celebrated here. Coming from a motherland where a vast number of majority are Christians — I grew up placing much respect with regards to the season and it’s relevance and I knew in my heart that I will never experience it here. I expected everything to be just the same; until I was proven wrong. 

Here you’ll also hear Christmas carols in the air when you pass by certain streets. You’ll see people making reservations at restaurants for Christmas parties. You’ll find Christmas costumes and kids lining up for Santa Claus in some malls, and most of all — you’ll see the city transformed into a wonderland of lights and special decorations for the season and I made it my mission to visit as many of these places as possible. 

Join my in my odyssey through cities and parks as I unravel the holiday season in Japan and visit the most beautiful places that’ll warm your heart for the Christmas season. Here are the top 5 most beautiful Illuminations in Tokyo this 2019.


“Illumination” Is the term used in Japan when the country is transformed into a psychedelia of festive colors and holiday decorations that give way to a magical atmosphere. It’s the time of the year – early November to early January, when big cities look like theme parks, restaurants light up with the holiday cheer and Christmas trees —multiple times taller than people are installed outside offices and hotels.

Yomiuri Land Illumination 2019

As the Halloween season leaves and make way for the Christmas Holidays, Yomiuri Land also opened it’s theme for the illumination season this year which is JEWELLUMINATION. They lit up the whole amusement park with Jewel inspired colors such as Yellow Sapphire, Emerald Green, Mexico Opal, Ruby Red and many more. You may also catch different decorations such as Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations mixed up together at this time of the year – Early November. 

We purchased the Night Pass With Rides which was worth 2,500 yen or about 23 USD.You may enter the park from 4 in the afternoon and enjoy strolling around, taking pictures, watching shows or completing the different attractions while enjoying the illuminations till about 8:45 in the evening. If you’re not an amusement-ride fan and just want to enjoy the illuminations, I’d recommend purchasing the Night Pass Without Rides for just 1,500 yen or 13 USD.  

Yebisu Garden Place Illumination 2019

If you’re the type of person who likes architecture, elegance and city-life then this illumination spot is the one for you. Since it’s opening it’s been getting more and more attention on social media because of its beautiful display of tall Christmas trees, Christmas’s bazaars and of course the star of the event: the Baccarat chandelier.

I’d say this Illumination spot is complete in itself, it’s got a Christmas village feel to it — warm and homely. In one area you’ve got a Christmas bazaar filled with decorations, souvenirs and small open-air cafes. For those who fancy a traditional dinner, they also have restaurants and malls. Finally, if you go further in, you’ll find an Italian-inspired building that looks straight from a fairytale book.

Roppongi Midtown Christmas Illumination 2019

“The Universe” is this year’s illumination theme. It seeks to represent the heavenly bodies and make the viewers feel like they’re in outer space. They set up the place with almost 200,000 LED lights that responses to a melody and changes color. There are also balloon lights and bubbles floating around the area. They also added smoke effects and led lights that dances and changes color all around the whole garden. In the middle you can find a space tower that’s almost 10 meters tall. 

If you like shopping and you find yourself in Roppongi, this is the best way to finish your shopping spree. It’s free for everyone and will offer you Unique looking places like the Starlight Road or the Champagne Road.

Tokyo Dome City Winter LightsGarden Illumination 2019

Normally, Tokyo Dome City is known as the place where Baseball Games Happen and even the Pope himself celebrated mass this 2019. But during the holidays, this place is transformed into a wonderland of lights and this year their themes is all about: Traditional Japanese Styles.

 You’ll see a beautifully lit up Sakura tree in the middle of the square, Tanabata Festival-inspired Milky way and Mt. Fuji inspired decorations. This place also has amusement-rides and restaurants that offer different cuisines from all over the world.

Megurogawa Illumination 2019

The popular Cherry Blossom sightseeing spot is transformed at night by the pink glow of lights wrapped around the Sakura Trees. It’s like experiencing Spring time all over again, without the Hay fever. It was quite relaxing just walking by the river, listening to the flow of the water while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.
If you’re the kind of person who likes spending a quiet afternoon, sitting on a bench by the river and reading a book, sketching or introspecting about life then this Illumination spot is the perfect place for you: Minna No Illumination in Gotonda by the Meguro River.  

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