Lucky Bag 2020 : Shinjuku Shopping Haul

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. – Rachel Zoe

“No outrageous colors please!” I found myself thinking when I picked this bag up and lined to pay in the counter. The shop is filled with people, mostly women and some unlucky men muttering under their breath as they carry multiple shopping bags while their partners seek to add more to their hauls. Today is the second of January and shops are eagerly opening their doors to shoppers and Lucky Bag hunters looking to get “Lucky” and multiply their money’s worth by getting good items inside their mystery bags. 

I never expected my January second to be like this, but at the same time it’s a breath of fresh air from my 4 days of staying at home. My husband was starting to suspect that perhaps his wife is “Hikikomori” after all, although for him it’s a term of endearment more than what the actual word intends to mean, the same way one may call a person he/she adores as “Dog fur” in Korean for having a messy hair like mine. 

Join me today as I test my luck and open my Lucky Bag for the first time from Avan Lily: Shinjuku Shopping Haul.


I visited several stores before deciding on this one because of their good designs. Also it’s cheaper than the other stores offering similar looking products, I only had to pay 7,000 yen but I was informed that the items inside would amount to about 40,000 yen in total. That’s more than 6 times the price I had to pay which was of course, a good deal. You won’t get a hint of what’s inside aside from the size of the items. Safe to say, I was intrigued and excited to know what’s waiting for me. It’s like my childhood Christmas all over again except that this time I had to buy for my own gifts.

THE BIG REVEAL: Items inside

Long Crocheted Winter Midi Dress

It’s a white crochet midi-dress that looks good even for vertically challenged girls like me because of it’s horizontal design. It’s warm on it’s own although I found it a bit bulky when I wore a coat over it. I’ve seen tall, slim women wear these and thought I’d look horrible in this cut but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I look fine in it. 

Retails for 6,990 yen

Stretchable Denim Pants

This is one item which I really because it is stretchable and it feels like a second skin except that even though I chose S size, this item came in XS and although I could fit in it, I couldn’t lock it. I guess this call for a diet on my part. It sticks to the right places when worn though and makes your buttocks looks bigger than they really are, I look forward to shedding a little weight and being able to use it just in time for the summer holidays.

Retails for 6,990 yen

Spring Coloured Long Skirt

This is one item you will NEVER find in my wardrobe because I usually stick to muted earth-tones and muted pastels but oh well! I was reminded that I now live in the country where everything Kawaii was born and I did have a friend in uni who wears this kind of patterns and colors. I guess I’ll have to take this as a challenge and try a different approach to my fashion sense. I’ll definitely be uploading in social media when I pull this off. With me luck! 

Retails for 6,990 yen

Red Stylish Top

This luscious red top is my second favorite among the other items in this Lucky Bag although I’ve never worn this color for years simply because of it’s design. It’s dainty, it covers enough of your skin and yet let’s you flaunt your curves because of it’s adjustable ribbon. I really like it and I look forward to wear on during summer.

Retails for 4,990 yen

Pink Winter Top

“I’ve got Spring covered” was all I got to say about this top, it’s warm, it’s a very subtle shade of pink and orange and it fits the colors I’d usually choose for my wardrobe. I like how elegant the sleeves fit at your wrist and how the adjustable belt lets you experiment with different looks when wearing it. 

Retails for 4,990 yen

Floral Top

“Pine Green” my mind screamed at that, I like green because of it’s calming effect when I see it but I’d prefer using it to amplify my interiors instead of wearing it. Also, the design it quite confusing because it’s a ribbon at the back but it doesn’t really do anything to make the shirt fit you better. 

Retails for 4,990 yen

White Lacy Top

THIS, is my favorite one. It’s elegant, simple, and can be worn anytime with anything. The freedom that wearing white gives is quite something other colors can never achieve. 

Retails for 3,490 yen


  • I’ll be going out and giving these outfits a try so be sure to follow my SNS if you want to see how they look when worn.
  • In total our lucky bag’s worth is: 39,000+ yen. It’s six times the price we paid for the lucky bag.
  • There are lucky bags worth 8000 and up that let’s you choose your own items from their line up of clothes.  


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