Harajuku Adventures: Experience Soda In A Light Bulb

I didn’t think that “Soda” and “electric light bulbs”can go together but I was proven wrong and the combination captures my imagination 

As the temperature rises in Tokyo area so does the popularity of summer coolers such as boba teas and shaved ice desserts but let’s not forget the most popular item of all: SODA. You can drink it, you can freeze and you can bring it with you everywhere. Today we will be visiting one of the most popular cafe in Harajuku when it comes to soda, it made rounds on SNS before because of its creative concept and design. After all, who would eve think that electric lightbulbs and sofas can go together? 

Address & other details

Address: 〒150-0001  B1F Gingu-mae 3-20-10 Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Twitter: http://@denkyusoda

Schedule: 11 AM to 8 PM

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The interior of the cafe is filled with with bulbs of various designs. It’s brightly lit and open due to its tall clear windows that let you see hat’s happening outside. If you look up you’ll see light bulbs which seems to glisten against the yellow lights. There is also a picture taking area dedicated for your social media feeds. If you move further inside you will find sitting spaces which can accommodate a number of people.


The cafe offers different kinds of coolers such as ice creams and sodas. They have Rose Ice which is ice cream arranged to look like rose and Denkyu soda which you may buy hot or cold. Some of their unique items on the menu is their  ice cream tacos and the zoo ice cream shop where you can buy ice cream that looks like animals. 


Some of the thins they offer snide the cafe are souvenirs. They have an original baseball cap, some keychains and candies. The best souvenir we got though was the bulb our drinks were in and the electric light bulb key chain that you can put around your straw, adding a distinct look to it. 


   Our overall experience inside the cafe was good, the staff were kind and accommodating. They have an English menu for foreign customers and the line wasn’t that long when we went there but there are times when the shop is packed. Mostly young teenage girls, girls and kids flock the cafe. Try the blue Hawaiian! It’s their best selling drink there. 


  • Did you know that the 23 ingredients that comprise Dr. Pepper is one of the greatest mysteries of all time? 
  • Research states that drinking cocktails made with diet soda versus regular can get you 18% drunker.

  • If you ever see a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola at the store with a yellow cap, it’s a special formula—it’s kosher, brewed up for Passover

  • Check out their website for their menu and more here: https://cafe-15742.business.site/?


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