Vegan Milk Teas Arrives in Harajuku’s Botanist Cafe

The Vegan Movement is one of the fastest growing social justice movement in the world today. – Melanie Joy 

“Vegan”, a way of life which has for many years become the center of intrigue and debate. One thing is for sure though, Veganism is certainly not for everyone but for me it offers a healthier, more humane choice for anyone who is willing to try. Upon arriving in Tokyo and exploring the many shops and restaurants here, I noticed one thing: Not all restaurant offers a vegan option so when I found this cafe that offers a vegan menu I knew I had to try. Let’s talk a short trip to the land of the youth and taste the vegan milk-tea offered by BOTANIST.

Address & other details

Address in English:6-29-2 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo (Shop – Floor 1F / Cafe – Floor 2F)

Address in Japanese: 東京都渋谷区神宮前6丁目29−2 BOTANIST Tokyo(ボタニスト トーキョー)

Contact: (03) 5766-3777

Schedule: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM



Botanist isn’t just a cafe, it also doubles as an organic shop for body and hair care. It’s interior is made up with a mixture of Minimalist and indoor-outdoor design, the big windows let in a lot of natural light which makes the inside of the shop cool but bright. There are plants hanging from the ceiling and inside beautiful pots. The colors green, black and white dominates the space making you feel refreshed and relaxed while waiting for your drink or checking out their body care and hair products. 

What I really liked is that they have staffs on stand by who you can ask for information about your specific hair care or body care needs, they also have a consultation area and a vanity area where you can try their products on your own skin.


The second floor of the shop is their main cafe area, it offers Botanical smoothies, healthy snacks,  and hot drinks. The space caters to around 30 people. The vegan smoothies however are for take-outs only. While waiting for your milk-tea you will be accommodated inside their first floor where you can browse through their hair care and body care products. I bought one for myself which is their Botanical Scalp Treatment. We ordered their Butterfly pea and soy milk tea which was very good! You can taste a hit of coconut that enhanced its flavor. 


Our stay inside the store and cafe was a pleasant one. We enjoyed browsing and trying their beauty products while waiting for our vegan milk teas. Their staff were kind and accommodating so don’t be shy to ask about their product recommendation for your son type or hair type. 



  • Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change. By leaving animals off your plate, you instantly cut your carbon emissions in half! 
  • Researchers at McGill University and McMaster University found that study participants who consumed the most fruits and veggies were 30 percent less likely to experience a stroke. 
  • By skipping animal foods, vegans spare thousands of animals from hellish factory farms over their lifetime

  • Check out their website for their menu and more here:


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