Your Complete Guide To Yomiuri Land Illumination 2019

“Fairy lights on winter nights.”

“Illumination”: radiance, gleam, glitter, glow. When we think about Illumination we mostly think of positive words relating to light and the Japanese found it indeed fitting for their yearly celebration of the holidays season or the “light up” season as they say. 

In Japan Illumination season starts after the Halloween which is generally during the first week of November but in some shops and some places it starts as early as the third week of October. Here in the bustling city of Tokyo, the earliest place to hold a big illumination is no other than our destination for today: Yomiuriland. 

Join me as I take you to the earliest illumination spot in Tokyo this year and discover their 43 attraction spots for children and adults. 

Address & other details

Address: 4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo, 206-8725


■ Illumination period

October 24, 2019-May 6, 2020

■ Illumination time

16: 00-20: 30:October 24-December 13, 2019 / December 26-January 5, 2020, April 25, 26, 29, May 2-6

16:0021:00 :December 14 to December 25, 2019 

16: 00-20: 00:January 6 to April 5, 2020

■ Closed days

 November 1, 2019, January 20-23, 2020, February 4-6, March 10

* Weekdays from March 2 to March 19, 2020, and April 6 to 24, 27, 28, 30 and May 1, only during daytime amusement park business.



You will know when you have arrived in Keio Line: Keio Yomiuri Land Station because of the illuminations that extend until the train station itself. Upon arriving you will see a huge signage that says Yomiuri Land and there you’ll have to go up some stairs to find this ticket machine for the Gondola Sky Shuttle. A Two-way ticket costs 500 yen per person but it’s worth it because on a clear day you get to see Mt. Fuji and you can see a breathtaking city view or during night time, the City Lights coming from Tokyo and Kanagawa. The last time to ride the Sky Shuttle back is at 8:45 in the evening, so make sure to make it to the last boarding time.

*In the case of Yomiuri Land Mae Station on the Odakyu Line, you can go to Yomiuri Land by bus (about 10 minutes).

When you arrive at the Amusement Park you will then have to purchase your tickets from the ticket counter which looks like the entrance to Mount Olympus because of the Doric column designs. In here you can also ask for an English-only Map and guide for the whole amusement park. Their Day And Night Package costs are: 


1DAY PASS W/ RIDES- 5,500 


NIGHT PASS W/ RIDES – 2,500  (From 4 pm)

NIGHT PASS W/O RIDES – 1,500  (From 4 pm)


As the Halloween season leaves and makes way for the Christmas Holidays, Yomiuri Land also opened it’s theme For the illumination season this year which is JEWELLUMINATION. They lit up the whole amusement park with Jewel inspired colors such as Yellow Sapphire, Emerald Green, Mexico Opal, Ruby Red and many more. You may also catch different decorations such as Halloween decorations inside the amusement park and as the season transcends into Christmas, they will be changing it into merrier and livelier Decorations too.


The Imperial Court of Apollo

The Imperial Court of Apollo takes its image from the ‘dazzling golden light’ coming from the sun-god. From here you can see the Merry Go-Round aptly named as Laurel Lee, after the Laurel leaves that surrounds Apollo’s head. You can also see the “Jewelry Box restaurant” which is lit up by organic light emitting diodes and the extreme rollercoaster “bandit” from this area.

The Imperial Court of Hermes

Hermes or most famously known as the Messenger Of the Gods And the divine Trickster, he possesses many talents and is associated with fields and industry which is why his area is also lit up with various of colors.

In his area two of the most attractive spaces in Yomiuri Land. Here you will see “The Promenade” an area lined with trees lit up with bright colors and “The Spiral Passage” which is a 140 meter-long tunnel surrounded by lights and moving lights.

The Imperial Court of Hephaestus

Famously known as the god of fire, Hephaestus’ area is lit up by a sea of orange lights depicting volcanoes and flames. In his area you will also see wine glasses as a symbol of his famous conquest which was to seek revenge against his mother Hera more known as: “The Revenge of Hephaestus on Hera.”

Another splendid attraction in this area is the huge Ferris wheel named as “Ferris Wheel of Night” that lets you view the whole of Yomiuri Land from above.  

The Imperial Court of Hestia

Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home is represented by Yomiuri Land with the color of light pink for their visitors to feel pleasure, lightness and ease. In her area you will find the Rainbow arch which is one of theIr most photogenic spot and the popular 360 degrees Looping Starship ride. This ride is by far the most scary ride if you ask me, as you are slowly lifted from your feet to a 360-degree view of the whole amusement park.

The Imperial Court of Athena

Athena, the goddess of wisdom’s area is lit up with bright blue illuminations and the wise owl. In here you will find the car factory and the row pedal ride Sky Pato which overlooks the fountain of Poseidon.  

The Imperial Court of Aphrodite

Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Her area in this amusement park is by far my favorite of all. It is lit up with bright pink and is decorated all over with flowers and seashells to celebrate her birth from the sea foam. You will see a lot of couples stepping into the seashells and take romantic pictures together.  

The Imperial Court of Artemis

To celebrate the goddess of hunting, Yomiuri Land chose the color green as her area’s motif. In here you will see a flowing pool all lit up in shades of green and the Moon Bow Tie area which is a walkway Decorated with flowers to represent flora and lighter hues of green to represent the glow of the moon, since Artemis is also known as the goddess of the Moon.  

The Imperial Court of Ares

Know s as the most handsome god, the god of war is represented here with the color violet and blue that mixes up to create a tantalizing view. During the other seasons you will only see a beautiful fountain but during winter this fountain is frozen up to reveal a beautiful skating rink visitors love to use.

The Imperial Court of Demeter

Demeter, also known as the goddess of farming, therefore it is very fitting that her place is lit up with weaves of green lights and trees. Her area is pretty simple with just a walkway that leads to Zeus’ area but you can be sure to enjoy a relaxing scenery with your friends and family.

The Imperial Court of Zeus

Zeus, he king of the gods who resides in Mount Olympus, for his area Yomiuri Land reserved a wide space filled with a 25 meter Summit, Slope and a Tube Slider. You can actually enter his mountain and experience a breathtaking site of a mix of colors. A lot of kids also enjoyed sliding down the slope of Zeus’ mountain and watching his place light up as his thunder is heard all over the area.

The Imperial Court of Poseidon

Perhaps one of the most famously known god of all, Poseidon the god of the sea also has a large area inside the amusement park. It is composed of a huge fountain that lights up at the stroke of 6 PM to reveal an enchanting fountain show that is out of this world. There is also the We Light Up Spiral in his area.

The Imperial Court of Hera

Hera’s area inside the amusement park is celebrated with the Wedding Gate and the Wedding Bouquet which is a bridge decorate with lit up flowers. There, you will also find the Doggy Coaster Bowl Dit which we rode on. It’s a thrilling ride but not as scary as their huge rollercoaster.



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