Cafe Yolum Harajuku: Pastel Pink Perfection Korean Cafe

“Korean wave” or the global take over of Korean culture — may it be in fashion, dramas or singing groups.

I witnessed when the Korean wave first started in the Philippines and even became a part of it during my teenage years. In Japan however the wave is just starting to reach it’s peak with TWICE, Blackpink, Exo and BTS gaining much popularity over the hearts of Japanese fans as the days progress. With it comes the surge of Korean cosmetics and Korean cafes such as the 2D Cafe I previously covered.

Today I’ll be taking you with me as I visit another Korean cafe here in Tokyo and take pleasure in its pretty aesthetic as I find out what makes it tick and why exactly it is flocked by crowds. 

Address & other details

Address in English:Shibuya-ku Jingumae 1-21-15 ATM Bidg 2F

Address in Japanese: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1丁目21−15 カフェ ヨルム yolum 原宿

Access: YOLUM is located about 1 minute on foot from Takeshita exit of Harajuku station.Coming out of the station,cross the street,and turn left. Their store is located on the 2nd floor above the Ramen restaurant on your right.

Schedule:11:00 AM – 07:00 PM Mondays through Sundays except Tuesdays



“Yolum” means “summer” in Korea which is very fitting for the cafe’s vision of “creating a store that shines like the sea in summer”. They offer various drinks and Korean snacks such as ‘Toppoki’ and ‘Hotteok’ as well as their own version of Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice dessert) which is very famous during the summer season.  They yearn to create a ‘Seoul vibe’ even though their cafe is located in Japan’s buzzing land of the youth: Harajuku. Their aesthetic, color and atmosphere is totally eye catching and attractive.


Yolum cafe is proud to say that they use ‘mostly organic’ ingredients for their drinks and snacks. So if you care about the environment and prefer a cafe that serves great and earth-friendly food, this is the place for you! There are also events held for fans of different Korean artists in the cafe. When we went there we got to experience the “Yesung Day” and interact with his fans. There were special ‘Yesung’ cups and merchandise which you can avail if you would like to.

The system is pretty easy, first you need to choose what kind of drink you’d like to buy from their ticket vending machine, insert your money into the machine and collect your ticket. Next, you’d have to present your ticket to the staff in the counter and they’ll prepare your snacks and drinks there and then. I chose a cup with BTS design because it’s my best friend’s favorite artist and I miss her. The cafe also plays Korean music and has a fan wall filled with the images of Korea’s favorite boy and girl groups.


  • Korean men spend collectively spend 900 million dollars a year, making up a quarter of the world’s men’s cosmetic sales.
  • Babies are considered one year old at birth in Korea. 
  • Korea’s seolites are considered similar to Tokyo residents when it comes to sleeping time which is about lesser than 6 hours each night.  
  • Visit their website for upcoming events, menu and more:


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