Get An Authentic Taste Of Italy From Harajuku’s Eiswelt Gelato

“Authentic Italian Ice Cream”, just hearing these words make you imagine of gelato, its full rich taste with every bite, less fat and relief from the summer heat.

“Zoo” and “ice cream” are words so different its impossible to think of them together in most occasions but as usual, a normal day around Harajuku will bring you a lot of good surprises. As I was passing streets and streets of extremely cute items, I cant help but notice the long line in front of one store, so I was determined to check it out. Thus, I give you one of the summer craze here in Japan: Eiswelt Gelato.

Address & other details

Address in Japanese : 150-0001, 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-8-5 マロンビル1F

Address in English :1-8-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Maron Building 1F

Contact: (03) 6804 3103

Schedule: 11AM – 08:00 PM 




The store is easy to locate as it is located in the Main Street. There is a huge crossing right beside it that makes it a strategic spot to go and grab a bit of authentic Italian gelato after or while strolling around under the summer heat. The store has all the necessities the customer may need— one of them being the tissue because the gelato melts fast because of the hot weather.  



Teddy (3 flavors) – 580 yen

Bunny – 650 yen /Chicken – 580 yen / Bunny with chicken – 780 yen

Piggy –  580 yen / Pig with Piglet  750 yen – / Piggy with chicken – 780 yen

Froggy (available only in Japan)- 580 yen 

Piggy with four piglets – 1,300 yen / Piggy with 2 piglets – 880 yen

There are special menus available only for their Japan shop such as the froggy gelato and their piggy tower as I call it. The long lines and cute aesthetic of their gelato truly captures the Harajuku sense and also catches the attention of passers by. 


  • In Italian, the word ‘congelato’ means frozen, and the word ‘congelare’ means to freeze.
  • In 1686, Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a Sicilian fisherman and chef from Palermo, made the first gelato machine.
  • If you’re in need of a serious dose of caffeine, order affogato. You’ll get a scoop of gelato doused in espresso.
  • Visit their website for promos and other information:


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