Up Your Style With Affordable Make up & Clothes From Stylenanda Harajuku

In a country where putting make up on is seen as a form of politeness and self-respect, this store has got you covered.

“Japanese people are polite” —- is an understatement of how things work in the Japan, both below and above the surface. I knew that Japan has a lot of unwritten rules and policies but one rule that surprised me when I first arrived here is: “Make-up”. Society here in general thinks that part of being polite and showing self respect is to make yourself presentable at all times. I didn’t know this and I was surprised when my colleagues would ask me if I was sick or if I was okay whenever I go to work bare-faced. That being said, I decided to bring you to one of my favorite cosmetic brands in the country. 

This brand, although not originally Japanese has been popular since it was opened in 2017. Today, we will explore something stylish, powerful and trendy, today’s we will explore Stylenanda Flagship Harajuku. 

Address & other details

Address: OM169 building, 1-6-9, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Contact: +813 6721 1612

Schedule: 10AM – 09:00 PM 



The Harajuku store is one of the flagship store that they have all over the world which means that in whole of Japan this store is the biggest and the most prominent one. This explains why I saw some ladies from other prefectures—- coming to Harajuku just to see what additional products they can buy from this branch. I even heard some commenting how some products here aren’t available in stores within their area.

What also made this store stand out is its aesthetic. It’s visually pleasing and the kind of pink they used here is very attractive to the eyes. Add some lights and you can’t  pass by this store without checking it out or glancing at it. They also made insta-buy or insta-worthy spots inside the store like their red chairs under neon lights and the pink spot on the second floor where you can take photos with giant lipsticks and foundation tubes. 


The store sells assorted cosmetic products that promises beautiful, healthy and glowing skin after first use. They boast high quality make-ups that presents itself in trendy colors and fashion. What I liked the most were their highlighters and eye switch, they weren’t heavy, they were easy to remove and they were visible after just one stroke which meant that they’l last longer than their more affordable counterparts.

Another best-selling product that you can buy from their harajuku store is their treatment hair tint. It lengthens your hair color for about a week and protects your hair at the same time with its protective film technology that leaves your hair soft to touch. They also sell apparels in the third and second floors which features the latest trends on clothing for you and your fashion-conscious amiga! If you ever find yourself in Harajuku and you love cosmetics, this is one place worth visiting.


  • The word “cosmetics” came from the word ‘kosmos’ that means to adorn or arrange in Greek.
  • Men painted their lips with lipstick during the Roman era to indicate their social rank.
  • In 1919, the first nail polish was patented bearing a faint pink color.
  • Visit their website for ongoing sale and other information: https://m.jp.stylenanda.com/


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