Asakusa Tatsumiya: Japanese Artisanal In The Palm Of Your Hands

The creative fusion of western tumblrs and Japanese traditional items created this  amazingly fashionable and innovative product. 

Clothes with heat technology, toilets that wash you automatically, trains with heating systems for winter and many more; these are just some of the innovations you can find in Japan. Mainstream media and netizens would cover topics such as these on a daily basis but for those who’ve developed a more gracefully refined and dignified taste, “artisanal products” are the way to go. 

I always knew that Japan has a rich culture. Being a homogenous country for a long time and a closed country in the past, It’s safe to say that they’ve preserved their culture and traditions despite foreign influence nowadays. When I arrived here I knew that I wanted to take part in their pop-culture, what I didn’t expect is that I’ll develop a taste for their original designs and colorful history. Join me today as I wander around Asakusa and discover more artisanal crafts from Japan and what makes them worth visiting, today we will visit Asakusa Tatsumiya and discover the beautiful fabrics and patterns they use to make their products.

Address & other details

Address  in English:1-18-2, Asakusa,Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan 111-0032

Address in Japanese: 〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草1丁目18−2

Contact: (03) 6231 6140

Schedule:  10:30 in the morning – 6:30 in the evening 



Recently celebrating its 80th anniversary, Tatsumiya which started out as a family business is still very much alive and celebrated for creating authentic Japanese artisan products made from Nishijin silk bands. Now handled by a third generation member of the family, a new product line was introduced by their shop in Asakusa last year (2018) which is their Kimono tumblrs — a fusion between Western and Japanese style incorporated into a daily item, so that you may enjoy the traditional beauty of Japan with you in your daily life. 

These Kimono tumblrs feature the beautiful part of Nishijin silk or obi sashes and boasts of its exclusivity for only a limited number of tumblrs can be made from a single silk band. 


The shop took our attention because of its elegance when we passed by, upon entering you will see warm lights that highlights the beauty of rows upon rows of beautifully handmade tumblrs. There are other things you can buy at the shop that showcases traditional Japanese designs and patterns. Most of the patterns got their inspiration from nature, some of the most popular ones are their cherry tree, phoenix, pine, shellfish and flower styles. When you look closely and examine the silks you will see how high their quality is and how intricately woven the designs are to the fabrics. 

Their other products are cushions, fans, table runners, bags, traditional Japanese clothes,  handkerchiefs, hair accessories and brocade pouches. 


  • In ancient Mesopotamia, Artisans had an important role in creating works of art that celebrates their gods
  • Very skillful artisans can make by hand what machines can, today.
  • Visit their website for ongoing sale and new design information:


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