The Most Romantic Mall in the Philippines: Venice Grand Canal Mall


The entire experience felt surreal. All those hanging lights, Italian songs softly coming out of the speakers and the canal itself, it felt like I wasn’t in the Philippines.

Italy for me means pasta, Neapolitan, Vespas and Lamborghini. I’ve never been there but it’s culture, art and food is famous all throughout the globe that it reached multitudes of individuals including myself. One great example is spaghetti, which is synonymous with birthdays, Christmas and New Years in the Philippines. Today I decided to travel to one famous Italian-inspired mall in Manila to find out what it has to offer, come and travel with me! 

Address & other details

Address: Cluster B, McKinley Hill Garden Villas, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila

Contact details: 624-1971


Mall hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM


Dubbed as the Most Romantic Mall in the Philippines this place has more to offer than just shopping, dining and fun. The ambiance, the creative use of lighting, the Italian songs blaring from the speakers and the overall architectural design of the place combined makes an ultra-romantic atmosphere.


Upon arriving at the mall you will be drawn by the beautiful lights hanging overhead, the Canal has a charm that makes it seem otherworldly. There were mimes on certain points of the mall, very Venetian indeed! The buildings were Itialian inspired and they even offer services of touring around the mall through a boat ride which goes around the canal and your boatman even serenades you with Italian songs and takes your picture upon request.


The mall doesn’t only offer magnificent sights but a variety of restaurants as well. They have stalls where you may buy snacks which you can eat while walking, they have cafes, Filipino restaurants, Japanese restaurants and high end restaurants as well. Take your pick and enjoy your food in a Venice-like atmosphere. 



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