MM’s Bunny Cafe: Bacolod’s First Bunny Cafe

I’ve  always thought that bunnies were charming and cute but I didn’t realise that petting them could be this relaxing.

Bunnies, when you think of them you imagine images of Easter, cartoon characters and tea-time. They’ve always been painted in a good light in almost every movies and tv series we’ve watched. Personally, I often saw videos of them on animal channels on YouTube and have often thought of their cuteness; so when I found out that there was a newly opened Korean-Inspired Bunny Cafe in the city, I knew I’d be visiting one day and today is that day.

How to Get There

By Jeepney:

  1. Take a jeepney bound for Tangub-Central Market for beside Lopues San Sebastián. (10php) Get off when you reach Louisa Mendel National Highschool.
  2. Walk a few streets to the right and you will see MM’s Bunny Cafe.

Tips: You may ask the driver to drop you off Bangga Sunflower (Sunflower street) where the Bunny Cafe is located. 

MM’s Bunny Cafe Interior 

The inside of the cafe is littered with cuddly bunny studded toys, bunny-ear inspired chairs, comic strips about bunnies, bunny figurines and instructional media’s on the different kinds of bunnies and how to treat them with care.

 MM’s Bunny Cafe Menu

The cafes menu is filled with delectable and reasonably-prices items which really helped soothe my palate and myself from the fiery gaze of Filipino summer’s sunshine. Try their Matcha Milktea and creamy pesto pasta! They are the best for me.

 The Bunny Petting Experience

This unique concept cafe doesn’t only guarantee reasonably priced good food but good experience as well! They have bunny petting services which they hope would teach people on how to handle bunnies safely and how to even grow one since they also sell bunnies at the store. 


  • They are not a fast-food cafe which means that their chef would take some time to prepare fresh and delicious cuisines to serve you.
  • Store hours: Tuesday – Sunday 1:30 PM – 8:30 In the evening
  • Store hours may vary so call them ahead to confirm, contact them through: 09774918703
  • Their bunnies are award-winning in several bunny race and bunny beauty contests and if you are a good guest they’d let your pet their champion bunnies like Princess (the white bunny) 
  • Check our their Facebook page to find out more: 


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