Etude House Lucky Bag 2020

Beauty is power. The right make up enhances that — Cassandra McClure 

“I GOT LUCKY!” Those were the first words that came out of my mouth when I opened my New Year’s Lucky Bag freshly bought from Etude House. Since I heard about the “glass skin”, Korean cosmetics has been in my target list and even I tried doing the glass skin care regimen from double cleansing to sealing my face off with a mask. When I saw then from Etude House’s Japan website that they’ll be releasing this year’s Lucky Bag, I knew I had to get my hands on them.

“Fukubukuro” which translates to “Lucky Bag” is a Japanese new Year custom where stores presents it’s shoppers with bags filled with various items. Most of the time shoppers won’t have any idea what’s inside aside from some hints the shop assistants may give you or the “size” if you’re purchasing from a clothing brand. One thing is for sure though, the items inside your bag will be (most of the time) worth double the price you paid or you’ll be paying just 50% off or more than the original price of the products inside it. In my 2019 Lucky Bag Haul you’ll be able to find out more about Fukubukuro’s history and the different kinds of it like the online and offline one’s.

Join me as I welcome 2020 with a Korean skincare haul from Etude House and find out if I will indeed be able to access my inner “princess”.


The Fukubukuro I bought was available in their Shinjuku Store and was worth 3,000 yen but the shop assistant hinted that we’ll be able to get 7000+ yen worth of items inside if we’re lucky. I arrived at the store, lined up, got my Fukubukuro ticket and paid at the cashier. At the end I was able to get their purple lucky bag. I didn’t opt to get their Fukubukuro online because I liked the “mystery factor” of not having any idea what I’ll be able to get inside my Lucky bag whereas their online store shows you 75% of the items inside your lucky bag and it’s a bit more expensive at 5000 yen.


Double Lasting Serum Foundation
This serum foundation comes in a clear bottle with a rose-gold cap, it claims to give you a “24-hours healthy-looking, bright and radiant skin as if having had a good night’s sleep” which I definitely need since I only get 4-5 hours of sleep time.  It also has a triple function effect: whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection. I’m so excited to try it out and see how it goes. 

2000 yen

Better Lips Talk and Air Mousse

It’s a highly pigmented lip stick that glides smoothly when applied to the lips. Although I usually prefer matt-lipsticks, I found it easy to warm up to this one because it doesn’t have a heavy feeling on my lips and it isn’t sticky as well. Personally, I wouldn’t go for the shade I got which was named “Coffee to go” but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t look bad when I tried it on. I guess one thing about Fukubukuro is that it helps you go out of your comfort zone.

Just in time for the Spring Season (soon) is this fantastic air mousse. It doesn’t have a strong color but boy, does it shine so well! Just one layer and my eyes were all shining, shimmering, splendid. It’s one of my favorites in this Fukubukuro set and will definitely be buying more when I run out. 

Better Lips- 1,300 yen / Air Mousse – 800 yen

Tear Drop Liner

Perhaps this is the only thing I didn’t know how to use because I’m more of a black or no eyeliner type of girl, but my research has landed me to the term “Aegyo-sal”which I will definitely be trying when I attend a dinner party next week. This teardrop liner is generally used for “Aegyo sal” or for making your eyes look a little glamorously puffy. I’ve seen women here use this kind of make up and found it really cute but I never tried it for myself so I’m glad this product landed in my “Lucky bag”.

780 yen

Soft Drink Tint

This tint doesn’t only have a cute look but a delicious smell as well, it’s like candy and fruit mixed together. I got the milky soda flavor which I’m quite happy about because it is such a safe color, you can mix it around with any lipstick and create a luscious, supple look for your lips.

830 yen

Lovely Cookie Blusher

This is my second favorite out of all the items inside my Fukubukuro bag this year because it’s exactly the color I use for my cheeks and it’s so cute! It has a peachy glow that works well for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Also, imagine holding a ribbon handle to daintily pat your check with this blusher. It’s just awesomesauce for me!

630 yen

Moistful Sampler Set

This set comes in tiny sample-size vials and packets. I tried using them and they were very effective in keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized which is exactly what I need this Winter season. However, I felt that they were quite heavy on my face and when I rinsed them off in the morning I felt tons of products coming off which didn’t feel good. I do wonder though how it’d affect my skin if I use this set long term. 


  • Etude House’s Lucky Bag is still available in their website.
  • In total our lucky bag’s worth is: 6,340 yen. It’s double the price we paid for the lucky bag and that doesn’t include the Moistful set.
  • Almost all stores in Japan offers Lucky Bags and Starbuck’s Lucky Bag is one of the most popular 


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