Everything You Need To Know About Paris Kids Harajuku

Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion. – Alber Elbaz

Two things I was taught by my mom when I was a child is that ‘dressing well is a form of good manners’ and ‘don’t be afraid to wear something not everyone else is wearing because when your body changes or when you grow old, you’ll lose the chance’.  I was naturally curvy at a young age and I was always conscious with it. Being one of the first to mature physically during my elementary days was no help as well. I was being pointed at for having hair where others don’t have yet, for developing breasts when others were still flat-chested and for having a form that was too feminine at such a young age. I always debated with my mom what I should or shouldn’t wear in school but being a child, my mom always won. 

Being repeatedly told that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my form, I was getting less and less conscious of what I wore or when people would stare. When I was in first year at the university one of my friends even pointed out that I don’t wear clothes like a first year — because I wore heels and form fitting clothes almost every civilian day but I didn’t care. My mom always said: ‘If you have it, flaunt it’. It’s my style, It’s what I feel most comfortable with and as long as I am not going against the university’s dress code, the hell I care about what others think.

Moving to Japan, I came to a realization that my style was perhaps unique in my country, but not here. There are more subcultures here than in my country and people wear what they want, when they want without a care of what the society would say. In Harajuku, where styles are flourishing, where dark can combine with light and still create a beautiful mess, I found a gem of a store that lets you buy fashionable and high quality yet reasonably priced goods that suits every style possible. Join me once again as I visit my go-to store for accessories of any kind : Paris Kids Harajuku. 

Address & other details

Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ku Jingumae 1-19-8 Harajuku Family Building 1F

Contact: (03) 6825 7650

Schedule:10:00-8:00 / Saturdays10:00-8:00 / Sunday & Public holiday 9:00-8:00



Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and ear cuffs are abundant inside the store. You have these accessories in different taste and style you can possibly want. Going for an elegant style? They have dangling earrings of gold and silver to suit your taste. How about a pop-culture style? They have earrings with cat designs, Harajuku inspired popcorn and lollipop earrings too. Going to a meet up with your goth friends? How about a deep violet earrings with skull designs? Check them out here:


Aside from body accessories, the store also features hair accessories for all events and purposes. With many of their featured styles picked out from fashion magazines, you can’t get wrong here. They have simple scrunches to bunny headbands. They also sell hair accessories which women can use for their summer Yukata.

*Yukata is a kind of summer kimono worn by women during festivals and special events during the summer season in Japan.


One of the first things I have bought here is their fashion tattoo which I used during the summer season in the Philippines. They do sell other accessories too like fashion rings, flower crowns, bow ties and keychains. The store is usually flocked by people all day since it is inside Takeshita street which is one of the biggest tourist destination in Tokyo. 


  • Haute Couture fashion was first born in Paris in The House of Worth or Rue de la Paix which was founded by Charles Frederick Worth
  • The first human to model clothes started in 1853, until then designers only create miniature version of their clothes and put them onto dolls. 
  • Keds is the first sneakers created in the US 
  • Visit their website for their services and other information: https://www.pariskids.jp/


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