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Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. – James Herriot

“Cat-lover”, by definition it’s someone who adores cats, an ailurophile, a cat fancier. For me, the definition of ‘cat-lover’ is singing to “Cat’s meow” while dancing with my cat in my arms in the kitchen, it’s getting free massages and warm-living pillows when I don’t feel good at that time of the month, it’s tail rubs and morning purrs when I wake up too late, it’s crying like losing a child when they pass away.

Since moving to Japan, one thing I miss the most is being a cat-mom. There’s nothing like having a warm furr-ball beside you all the time, moving to another country and living another lifestyle can get lonely at times, afterall. Join me today as I cure my cat-miss and enter a world filled with cat-items and decors: Kichijoji Petit Mura’s Toko Toko Circus. 

Address & other details

Address in Japanese: 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2‐33‐2 吉祥寺プティット村

Address in English: Tōkyōtomusashinoshi Kichijōjihon-chō 2 ‐ 33 ‐ 2 Kichijōji putitto-mura

Contact: 0422 27 6229

Schedule: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM 



Upon arriving at Petit Mura, head straight and turn right, you will find a flight of stairs that seems to go narrower the more you climb up, until it leads you to a blue door with a flower patten in the center. Enter it and you will be welcomed inside “Milk’s” store. 

Toko Toko Circus is one of the stores found inside the famous Kichijoji Petit-Mura – a very popular Ghibli-sequel cat village. It was made with the concept of opening a store that features cute cat items and decors. It also aims to represent all sort of cats through its designs: hungry cats, chubby cats, cats who are unattractively cute, cats who are playing and so on. It’s supposed to be created by “Milk” a Munchkin who once lived in a mysterious forest and dreamt of opening a cat shop that’d be famous all over the world. 


There are a lot of items present within the store to answer every cat-lover’s needS, and even if you’re not, it’s impossible to leave without buying one of their items because all the things inside were chic, tasteful and elegant. Imagine Disney and Ghibli combined and then translate that into cat-decor, what fun! All items have cat prints or cat-related designs in them from small to big: from paw prints to cat lights for your wall to toilet scrubbers. They have every cat items, you could ever imagine or possibly need.


At the center of the store you will find a huge table with “cattionaries” and “catpens”. I imagine that these items are similar because they take a huge portion of the store and while I was looking for things to buy I saw a lot of cat-lovers flocking around this table and picking up items to add to their trays. There were an array of assorted items from stamps, tumblrs, notebooks, stickers, tapes, notepads and cards for all occasions. Take a pick and spend your time appreciating their posh designs. 


On the left wall of the store, you will find the cat-inspired kitchenware section. They have small plates you may place your sauce in, platters with paintings of cats inside, complete set of utensils, Mugs with cat covers, teacups and chopstick rests with cat designs. Seriously, if I was planning to open my own cat restaurant this would be the perfect place to buy all I’ll ever need. 


If you adore bags and pouches, head to the right corner of the cafe and you will find your much needed dose of cat-purses. They have wallets, coin purses, IC card holders, small backpacks and fancy handbags there. One thing that I noticed is that no matter how cute or stylish their items are, they remained affordable enough. I think they make their items budget friendly so that it can easily be bought by high schoolers, university students And young couples who seemed to be the main customers of the shop. 


Scattered in different parts of the store are daily necessities and accessories with cat designs which is sure to brighten up your mood. In preparation for the cold months they’ve launched gloves with special designs that let you use your touch screen devices with ease. They also have bag locks, sunglasses, mirrors and keychains.


Last but not the least in their array of items are cat figures and figurines. These items are scattered all over the store and are mostly found on the top part of their shelves. They have cats who are standing, cats who are inside beautiful cages and so on. Aside from cute items, they also have useful ones like toilet scrubbers with beautiful cat designs and oddly, that’s one thing I bought for myself. I think it’s great to find cat items in places you didn’t expect. I also bought some figurines from their Halloween collection to add to my home. 


  • Many of the world’s historical personas adored cats such as Mark Twain, Pope Paul II and the Bronte sisters. 
  • Around 50%of the world’s cats don’t respond to catnips.
  • A group of kittens is called a “Kindle”, while a group of adult cats is called a “Clowder”.
  • Visit their website for their menu and other information:


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