Japanese VISA Made Easy: for visiting friends & distant relatives

“Japan is FUN” A lot of people would say this after visiting the LAND OF THE RISING SUN, but perhaps that is after the tedious and sometimes exasperating process of getting yourself a VISA.

Lucky for some people though, this isn’t the case all the time. When they say that some Japanese VISAS are easier to procure than othersI say this is true IF: You have a friend in Japan or a relative. So today I made a post whcih would help you get one of the easiest VISAS in entering Japan:

VISA for Visiting Friends or Distant Relatives
This is one of the easiest VISA to procure since most of the relevant document comes from your Japanese Friend, relative or Sponsor.


1. Your Passport
    • This can be procured from your respective DFA office, it must have atleast 2 blank pages and must have a 6 month validity period.
2. VISA Application Form
      • This is available outside Japanese embassy’s entrance or is provided by any accredited travel agency. Here’s what it looks like:

3. Your photo
        • There are some specs you must be careful of when submitting your photo, it has to be: 4.5cm x 4.5cm, with white background, no smiling and your hair must not be neatly tucked behind your ears. It also must ve taken within 6 months before going to Japan.
4. Your Birth Cetificate
          • Keep in mind that it must be issued within one year from PSA
            -Incase it is unreadable just send a birth certificate issued by your local civil registrar along with it, this can be obtained from your local city hall.
            -Incase of late registration, just send your baptismal certificate and school record FORM 137, this can be obtained from your highschool’s guidance office
            -Incase of no record in PSA, just send your birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar and Cetificate of NON Record which can also be obtained from PSA
5. Marriage Contract
            • Keep in mind that it must be issued within one year from PSA
              -Incase of no record in PSA, just send your Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar and Cetificate of NON Record which can also be obtained from PSA
6. Your Daily Schedule in Japan
              • This document must be in Japan and should include the DATE, ACTIVITY, CONTACT DETAILS & ADDRESS for each day you’ll be spending in Japan.
7. Proof of Relationship
                • Present documents such as photos with your Japanese friend/relative, skype calls, passport copies, reciepts
                  -Your Japanese friend/relative must also send an explanation letter about the nature of your relationship.
8. Invitation Letter from Your Guarantor in Japan
                  • This must be in Japanese and must come from your guarantor himself
9. Residence Certificate (Juminhyo) of the friend/relative and the guarantor in Japan
                    • This must be issued within 3 months and must contain all family members without ommission
If you will shoulder part or all of your travel expenses
                      • 10. Bank Certificate and Income Tax Return (Form 2316)
                        The bank certificate must be issued within 3 months while your form 2316 must be your latest on
If the Guarantor in Japan will shoulder part or all of the your travel expenses
                        • 11. Guarantee Letter
                          -The guarantor must give you a guarantee letter stating that he or she will indeed pay for your expenses
12. Income Certificate (Shotoku Shomeisho) from City Hall
                          • Tax Return Certificates with Gross Income (Nouzeishomeisho: form2) from tax office, KAKUTEISHINKOKUSHO HIKAE or Bank Certificate (YOKIN ZANDAKA SHOMEISHO), all of these must be issued within 3 months & must come from the guarantor.

                          • All requirement must be ORIGINAL
                          • All requirements must be in A4 size
                          • PASTE your picture, don’t staple it
                          • Philippine passport must have atleast 2 black pages and 6 months validity upon entering and leaving Japan.
                          • Application form should be filled out all items correctly, If item is not applicable, please fill in [N/A], never leave anything blank.
                          • You can get all the forms your guarantor/friend/relative may need here: https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/toko/visa/tanki/philippine.html
                        • Here Are the List of Japanese Embassy Accredited VISA AgenciesAVAILABLE IN METRO MANILADiscovery Tour
                          Makati Main Office
                          Unit301, Ground Floor, Sagittarius Building,
                          H.V. Dela Costa Street,
                          Salcedo Village, Makati City
                          Contact Details: (+02) 892-2849 / (+02) 843-5832 / 0999-943-5231/ 0915-320-0780
                          Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/discoverytourlovejapan/

                          Rajah Travel Corporation
                          Makati Area
                          3rd Floor, 331 Building, 331 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue,
                          Makati City
                          Contact Details: (+02) 894-0886 / 0917-529-6774
                          Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rajahtravel/

                          Rajah Travel Corporation
                          Ground Floor, GLC Building, Mabini corner T.M. Kalaw Streets,
                          Ermita, Manila
                          Contact Details: (+02) 523-8804 / (+02) 523-8807 / (+02) 523-8806 / 0917-854-3614
                          website: https://www.rajahtravel.com/
                          Reli Tours and Travel Company
                          4th Floor Lucky Chinatown
                          Reina Regonte corner Dela Reina Streets,
                          Binondo, Manila
                          Contact Details: (+02) 242-0640 / 0906-492-1000

                          Reli Tours and Travel Company
                          Makati Main
                          3rd Floor Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City,
                          Contact Details: (+02) 894-1210 / (+02) 893-9226
                          Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Reli-Tours-Travel-159172490931813/

                          Reli Tours and Travel Company
                          SM Mall of Asia
                          Contact Details: (+02) 556-1445/ (+02) 556-1447

                          Reli Tours and Travel Company
                          SM Megamall, 5F SM Megamall
                          Contact Details: (+02) 637-4694/(+02) 637-5020

                          Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation
                          Makati Main Office
                          3rd Floor, Dusit Thani Manila,
                          Ayala Center, Makati City
                          ContactDetails: (+02) 810-9622/ (+02) 893-8180/ 0917-548-1810
                          Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/friendshipmanila/

                          Attic Tours Phils. Inc
                          Manila Main Office
                          Unit 202 Coko Building 1, Patio Madrigal Compound,
                          2550 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
                          Contact Details: (+02) 556-6305 / (+02) 556-6303
                          Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Attic-Tours-Phils-Inc-214588348557945/

                          Attic Tours Phils. Inc
                          SM North EDSA Branch
                          Ground Floor, The Block, SM North EDSA,
                          Quezon City
                          Contact Details: (+02) 372-3254 / (+02) 373-2594 / 0917-898-0905

                          AVAILABLE IN CEBU

                          Discovery Tour
                          Door No. 203-A1, 2nd Floor, Northgate Center,
                          Don Manuel Gotianuy Complex, Gov.Cuenco Avenue,
                          Banilad City, Cebu
                          Contact Details: (+032) 340-1822/ (+032) 340-1824
                          Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/discoverytourinc/

                          Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation
                          Unit 2-508, 5th Floor, OITC 2 Building,
                          Oakridge Business Park, A.S. Fortune Street,
                          Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu
                          Contact Details: (+032) 345-3459 / 0917-724-3373
                          Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Travel-Agency/Friendship-Tours-and-Resorts-Corporation-Cebu-418203881564166/

                          Attic Tours Phils., Inc
                          Cebu Branch
                          Waterfront Airport Hotel, 1 Airport Road,
                          Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu
                          Contact Details: (+032) 341-2012

                          AVAILABLE IN DAVAO

                          Attic Tours Phils., Inc
                          Davao Branch
                          Level 3, SM City Davao,
                          Quimpo Boulevard, Talomo, Davao City
                          Contact Details :(082) 225-8920 / 0917-321-1328

                          Discovery Tour
                          Door 109, Ground Floor, Court View Inn Building,
                          Quimpo Boulevard corner Sandawa Road,
                          Davao City
                          Contact Details: (+082) 284-4114 / 0920-210-4677

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