Harajuku Adventures: Harry Hedgehog Cafe

In a way I envied those cute little hedgehog, they can just curl up and protect themselves from the outside world and then fall into slumber.

“Hedgehog”, they have quills, they are cute and sometimes they are cheeky. As concept cafes started booming in Tokyo so did animal cafes and one of them is Harry Hedgehog. With as many as five branches all over Tokyo and Yokohama, our next destination aims to not only inform people more about these cute and warm hedgies, they’re also actively finding them their forever home too.  Join me as I enter this cafe and get friendly with their hedgies.

Address & other details

Address : Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingūmae, 1-13-21

FEES: 30min / 1,400yen
30 min + hedgehog snack(30min / 1,630yen)
Extra Hedgehog snack(540yen)
After a prescribed period of time elapses, a fee of 1,400 yen will be charged.
They also sell Hedgehog’s breeding supplies in here.

Schedule: 11:00AM – 07:00 PM Reception of the Hedgehog cafe is open until one hour before closing time.



The interior of this cafe had a Brooklyn vibe to it, with exposed bricks, vintage taste and hanging plant-life you can truly feel relaxed and cozy while helping yourself to a cup of warm coffee and watching the hedgehog nap or sometimes have a snack with you. 


When it comes to entering an animal cafe, rules are necessary to ensure the welfare of the pets or animals, thus, they are strictly implemented and not following them may cause the staff to ask you to leave the cafe. Children 12 and lower are most especially asked to be accompanied by an adult for supervision when touching the hedgies. The cafe also informs you how they treat their hedgehog to show you an ethical treatment of their pets. Here are the simple rules you’d have to follow:


After paying the fees for your desired length of stay inside the cafe, you will then be led to your own table that houses 4-5 hedgehogs in it. Their water, snacks and sleeping area is also there so your hedgehog can eat, drink and rest whenever they want. You are then given your own glove for protection because at times these cheeky hedgies would bite or attempt to bite a finger or two. 


Yes! You may buy your own hedgehog from the cafe and their price varies according to their color and kind but that it not all you can buy from here. They also have hedgehog bags, keychains, pens and notepads. Be sure to get one if you have the budget and forever be reminded that you visited this beautiful cafe.


Our visit to the cafe was filled with fun and relaxation. There’s some kind of peace watching the hedgehog nap, sometimes play on your warm palms and fall asleep because of the gentle warmth your hands provide them. It’s entertaining to watch some of the hedgehog also take turns in playing on the treadmill, drink some water and run again! Their staff also visits your table to explain some points about hedgehog care and protection, as well as explaining their behavior. Take a peak at what you can experience when you visit the cafe here! 


  • Did you know that a group of hedgehogs are called an “array”
  • A hedgehog has about 5000-7000 quills on their body but none of them is poisonous 
  • Sea Urchins were named after hedgehogs and to this day baby hedgehogs are called “urchins”
  • Check out their website for their activities and more here: http://www.harinezumi-cafe.com/en/


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