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I saw the most unique candies and some of them reminded me a lot of my childhood.

“Candies”, come to think of it, candies are almost synonymous to the words ‘child’ and ‘childhood’. Can you imagine your childhood without candies? What candies do you wish you can buy again because for some reason they were faced-out from your country? What candy reminds you of the summer air when you were playing out in the field with your kite with your friends? What candy did you eat last without realizing that you’re growing up and it’s be the last day to play with your childhood pals? 

Today, I went t visit one of the most famous candy shops in Harajuku and find out what candies they have, which country they came from and what unique taste they have to offer. Join me as we enter the world of sweets through Candy A-GoGo. 

Address & other details

Addressing Japanese: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-7-1 キュートキューブ1F

Address in English: 1-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Cute cube 1F

Contact: (03) 6804 6671

Schedule: 10AM – 08:00 PM 



The inside of the shop is brightly lit and is very organized, their candies were placed inside huge containers where you can use a scooper to get the candies you want. They have a strict rule of not using your hands when getting your candy as a form of respect to the other buyers. They have a huge variety of choices for candy-lovers both young and adult. Aside from candies they also sell souvenirs such as teddy bears and cotton candies inside special containers. In all of the candy shops I’ve visited, they have the most varied choices when it comes to cotton candy flavors too so be sure to check it out.


As I have mentioned, the store has a huge variety of candies, it’s impossible to choose which one is the best so we will have to resort to the help of their candy ranking. Their candies are ranked according to the number of sales, and for this month the top candy goes to their giant banana gummy drop, their second most popular candy is their teeth gummy drop and the third on top is their lego candies from Canada. The newest candy they have is their froggy gummies. 






I decided to include here the most unique candies I have seen inside the store, some of them I’ve only seen for the first time and some of them speaks of authentic Japanese experience like this candy sushi. I also really liked this anime inspired candy. Other candies look like real food such as their egg gummy drop and dried oranges. If you also like cola flavored gummies, you may want to get your hands on their Dr. Pepper gummies.

In total, we had fun selecting their candies and bringing them home with us. Their teeth gummy drop reminded me so much of my childhood and Halloween. I recommend dropping by if you ever find yourself within Harajuku. 


  • If you want a bigger bubble when you blow your bubble gum, chew it until the sugar is gone. 
  • Gummy worms were first introduced to the public during the 50th anniversary of gummy bears in 1981.
  • Hershey’s kisses were already wrapped in foil since 1906.
  • Visit their website for ongoing sale and other information here:


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