Yardstick Café: All About Coffee


Rainy  days? Coffee.  Stressed? Coffee. Happy? Coffee. No matter how you feel, no matter the weather, like butter; coffee makes everything better.

Coffee, just mentioning the word brings that intense aroma of coffee beans that triggers your happy hormones. Who can say NO to that? When I was young I’d see the elders at home sipping that cup of goodness and remembering that I wasn’t allowed to drink because I was too young and promising to myself that once I’m grown I’m going to drink it everyday of my life. With all the promises I’ve told myself while growing up, this might just be the only promise I never failed to keep. One cup of coffee each morning and I’m a happy kid. 

Yardstick Café Details

Address: Roastery, Showroom, Workshop & Café is in Universal LMS Building 106 Esteban, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Café time: Monday to Saturday 7AM-11PM/ Sunday 8AM – 6 PM

Contact details: Phone +632-8450073/ Mobile 09173091333

Yardstick Cafe’s  Interior 

The interior of the café has a minimalistic and earthy vibe to it. Wooden rectangular tables are scattered all over the space along with wooden stools, perhaps it is because they want you to focus on the coffee rather than the interiors. Since the space we visited was their café/ showroom they also display various coffee machines and equipment which they use to create your perfectly warm cup of dopamine enhancers.   

Yardstick Cafe’s Menu 

Upon entering the café, you’ll be welcomes with a wall dedicated to their coffee and menu. It was early in the morning when we entered the café so we decided to indulge ourselves with their mains: Barista’s Breakfast and Sriracha Chicken Wrap along with their white and mocha espresso coffees.

Yardstick’s Coffee Experience 

Yardstick isn’t just a café, they also offer workshops and trainings for coffee entrepreneurs and avid coffee drinkers. They have a team of authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Trainers and aside from that they are also an official distributor for Marco Beverage Systems, La Marzocco and Alpha Dominche among others.



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