Masaru: A Foodie’s Tendon Dreamland

If there was a Royalty in Tendon making it’d be Masaru.

Tokyo Asakusa, when you find yourself here you’ll be immersed in a different kind of Japanese culture. The kind that leaves you reeling and wanting for more after you’ve gone home. From century old restaurants, beautiful people wearing Kimono and Yukata to Omotenashi, you’ve got all you need for traditional Japan right here. Thus, we Weill wander it’s streets once again as we hunt for the best Tendon maker in town and we think we just found the best one: Masaru Asakusa. 

Address & other details

Address: 1 Chome -32 -2 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111 – 0032 

Schedule: 11:00 AM – 02:45 PM*

Contact: 03 3841 8356


*Kindly call ahead when the weather is bad, there’s a chance they’re not open. They may also close earlier when they run out of ingredients. 


Upon reaching the alley that leads to the store, you will see a lit “Kanban” or Japanese signage that proudly states “Edomae Tendon Masaru” and a row of chairs that never seem to run out of people. The shop itself is popular for one thing: Good quality fish and shrimp, with shrimp as the main star of the restaurant. After talking to the staff we learned that the shrimps used are freshly-caught and bought from Toyosu fish market. The food they serve is made per order or per customer, therefore it is customary that when you enter, you have to order one dish for yourself and sharing isn’t allowed. 

Their last order if ingredients are still available is at 2:45 in the afternoon with the average price of 3,700 yen per meal or around 1,600 pesos. The staff also makes sure that you understand and that the price is fine with you before you enter and be served. On busy days, they may not let those with very small kids enter due to the concern that the restaurant is quite narrow and the kids may feel uncomfortable with such situation. Also, since the price is quite expensive, some parents usually do not order for their kids & the owner feel bad watching the kids loo on while their parents are eating. 

OH IRI EDOMAE TENDON (Special MixTempura)

Tendon was made and served to the Japanese people in the last days of the Edo era, thus, the name “Edomae Tendon”.Although the restaurant has other things on the menu, the most affordable and popular is their Edomae Tendon which is made up of a mixture of Japanese tiger prawn and some seasonal fish or eel. For the spring to summer season, “Kisu” or Shirogisu Sillago fish is the most abundant, therefore the restaurant makes use of it. They also mix in some “Anago” or salt water eels to their tempura mix, making a good variety of dishes in one bowl of Tendon. 

When the food arrived on our table, it was still smoking hot and the aroma permeates your senses and captures your hunger like no other. We added an additional 300 yen for the miso soup and it creates a good mixture of flavor when eaten together with the tendon. And the taste? Just plain amazeballs! Your first bite would land on the crispy surface and end on the soft, juicy part of your delicious meal. For a change of flavor, just chomp on your side dishes (tsukimono) & finish it off with a warm cup of freshly-brewn  tea. 


Yes, definitely worth it. It may be more costly than other tendon shops out there but with the quality of food that you get, you will not regret it at all. Plus, you also get to experience eating in the best Tendon shop around Asakusa, so that’s definitely something you should cross off your bucket list. 


  • Traditional tempuras are fried in sesame oil instead of canola or vegetable oil
  • There’s a National Tempura Day which is January 7th 
  • Tempura doesn’t contain breadcrumbs, instead it contains water, cake flour and eggs.


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