How to: Get to the Observatory of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

There are moments in life you’d want to rewind again and again, in this lifetime this moment is definitely one of them.

Traveling on a budget is something almost all travelers had gone through and sticking on it brings a very good feeling of satisfaction, however, if you go to countries such as Tokyo, Singapore or Paris it tends to slip your mind since you are expecting to pay almost everytime you want to experience a good attraction or place.

Today I wanted to challenge myself by finding free but ultimately sought after attractions within the Tokyo area and with he help of some friends, I was able to. Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Observatory is located in the  45th floor of TMG building. There you can enjoy a superb panoramic view from 202 meters above ground free of charge. Can anyone ask for more?

There are observation decks on both North and South towers, but this time we went to the north observation deck since the South Observation Deck is currently under renovation and is scheduled to be open around the spring of 2019. Here are important points to remember though:

South Observation Deck is closed every first and third Tuesday of the month 
North Observation Deck is closed every second and fourth Monday of the month




1. Fom Shinjuku station “West exit” leave the ticket gate

2. Walk straight and you will find the taxi lane.

3. From the taxi lane, turn left and you will see this sign

4. Keep walking for about 30 seconds and you will see the event center where temporary stalls rent, on other days you may see another store here

5. From the event center look to your right and you will see this sign, walk straight.

6. Follow the signs which says: “For Met. Government, Chuo Park”

7. The tunnel will be visible by then, there is a moving walkway on the right side which you may use if you are tired of walking.

8. Follow all the automatic walkways and at the end of the tunnel ,you will see this:

9. Walk straight until you find this building:

10. Underneath the building, you will see this sign, follow it:

11. Turn left and follow this sign for about 100 meters.

12. Keep walking for about 1-2 minutes and you will see people lining up to your right:

13. Follow the line and you have successfully landed to the North Observation Deck’s observation area:

14. Ride ont eh elevator to the 45th floor to see this spectacular view:




  • There is a restaurant in the North Observation Deck, you may enjoy the picture-postcard view while sipping on your alcohol.
  • There are traditional Japanese souvenirs on each deck, there is even one which you may personalize yourself. 
  • Shinjuku Central Park is also behind the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, I recommend walking there when you have enough time. There you may experience true nature within the city.
  • Shinjuku Central Park has events such as free market and outdoor movies in the park n weekends and other special holidays


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  • I love the Japanese culture. It’s so rich in vibrant history and the Japanese people are some of the quirkiest people. I can’t wait to come back to Japan.

  • Is there a walkway from the Government Metropolitan Building to Central Park behind it. If so, how do we find it. If not, how do we get to Central Park from the Government Metropolitan Building.

    • Hi, yes there is! Just go out the main entrance of the north tower building, walk one minute to your left and you will see stairs going up, go up the stairs and then use the overpass — it’s directly connected to the Central Park. We’ll be going there today too for the big festival 🙂

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