This Is How I Lost Her


“Hug me please” she’d say but I wouldn’t. “It’s not in my culture”, I said.

“Can you put your arms around my waist?” She says while we sit on the sofa one weekend “It’s difficult”, I said.

“Can you try to A-hug me?” “I don’t know how to do it, it’s difficult”, I said.

“I love you my husband” she said, “I love …….”
“What? Can you say that one more time?”
“No no no no no” I laughed and replied. “It’s not in my culture”, I said.

“Can you send me flowers on Valentine’s Day? I’ve never experienced it before.” By this time We’ve been 4 years as a couple and 1 year married. “I can’t find a store, it’s difficult” I said “I bought you many during our wedding.”

But now I see her with him on a Valentine’s Day. It’s been 4 years since our annulment.

She looks different, she looks happy. HAPPIER to be exact. She looks so sure of herself, confident. She didn’t look down anymore. I see his arm around her waist, a place I used to own. I saw her flash her smile at him, a smile she never flashed me before.

He didn’t look at other girls when they were together. I DID.
He hung his arms around her waist, I DIDNT.
He kissed her on her forehead and she blushed like I’ve never seen before because I NEVER DID IT.

She smelled the bouquet of flowers he gave her and looked perfectly content.

Suddenly she turned her eyes to my direction and saw me, I smiled at her, but this time