Who is “Yuri” In Girl From Nowhere

“The wickedness of human never ends. Even love can be used to do selfish things. That’s how it goes.” – Yuri, Girl From Nowehere

Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

Episode 1: “Pregnant”

Yuri’s presence is first felt at the end of episode one where Nanno finds pictures of herself scattered outside Nanai’s apartment. She finally sees a picture of herself just exiting Nanai’s apartment with her eyes crossed out.

Episode 2: “True love”

At the end of the episode Nanno sees herself being matched with yuri on the dating app, Nanno appears curious and Yuri is seen walking past Nanno before the episode ends.

Episode 3: “Minnie and the four bodies”

Yuri rolls the bottle of wine to Minnie’s feet and asks her if it’s the bottle of wine she drank out of that night when she accidentally killed four of her schoolmates.

Next, Yuri is seen handing over a critical evidence to Minnie’s father and getting paid for it, she assured him that it’s the only copy left.

Later in the episode Yuri visited Minnie at the hospital and sent her photos to the media as evidence that she was indeed driving under the influence, she also sends a voice recording of Minnie’s father blackmailing her if those photos gets out. Yuri convinces Minnie to commit suicide to avoid paying for her crimes. We see Minnie’s body fall to the ground and Yuri comes out of the elevator to reveal herself to Nanno for the first time but Nanno seems to know her already, showing us that they had a history together. We find out that Yuri is also one of the 4 corpses Minnie killed in the accident but just like Nanno she didn’t die.

Episode 4: “Yuri”

We finally have an episode dedicated to Yuri and how she met Nanno, at first it’s seen Yuri is part of a clique made up of Tubtim, Nana and Yuri. We see at the beginning that Tubtim and Nana are defending Yuri from condescending remarks from their schoolmates but during lunch we can see Yuri buying food for them like a personal servant. It doesn’t end there though, they even ask her to help them cheat on their exam. Later it is revealed that Yuri dreams of being rich enough to treat Nana and Tubtim the way they treat her and Nanno tells her she can do it if she knows something they’re both afraid of, like a dirty secret nobody else knows about.

Later Nanno and Yuri hatches a plan  to access Nana’s laptop where she may be keeping some secrets; however, it turns out that Yuri double crossed Nanno and that the real plan was to lure Nanno to Nana’s underground basement where she will then be sexually assaulted, filmed and blackmailed for money— a plan which Nana, Tubtim and Yuri created from the start— this is also where Nana calls Yuri a ‘loyal lapdog’.

In a fit of rage Nana and Tubtim kills Nanno and it was all recorded by Yuri. They the  ask Yuri to put Nanno’s body in the bathtub and make it look like suicide. However, now that Yuri’s gathered enough evidence that they harm girls and worse— killed someone, she changes her tone and tells them to take care of Nanno’s body, instead. She then calls two male accomplices to do the same thing Nana and Tubtim has done to all the other girls they brought to their underground basement. Here, we also discover that Yuri was another victim and was sexually assaulted on Nana and Tubtim’s command. Yuri rejoices and tells Nanno’s corpse that now that’s it all over— the two girls’ business of blackmailing and getting money from the rape victims is hers.

Yuri turns to leave but her accomplices suddenly turns on her and drowns her in the bathtub where Nanno’s body is situated. Yuri dies in the bathtub and the two accomplices leave the area after looting the place— they took Nana’s expensive watch, camera recorder and laptop.

The camera pans to Nanno and we see her smiling and getting up from the tub. She then tells Yuri’s corpse that if she weren’t so stupid, things could’ve been more interesting. Before the episode ends we see Yuri’s corpse consume some of Nanno’s blood in the tub and suddenly come back to life.

Episode 5: “Sotus”

Nanno joins a new school where seniority is a big deal. During the initiation rites for the freshmen,  Nanno speaks out about the sexual harassment done by their senior Kaye. Yuri is seen again as one of the freshmen students joining the initiation rites together with Nanno. She agrees with Nanno that what their senior does can be considered as some form of sexual harassment. The two of them are then seen having some sort of dance competition in their minds— where it is revealed that Yuri was indeed revived by Nanno’s blood in episode 4 and is now a being like Nanno. Going back to episode 3 we see Yuri get off the elevator and thank Nanno for reviving her, she then tells Nanno that she will be learning the ropes from her.

(It is unclear for us— the audience if it was indeed Nanno’s intention to revive Yuri or some sort of miss on her end.)

Later in the episode Nanno confronts Yuri about leaking the video of their initiation rites where freshmen are seen crawling on all fours with their heads attached to their behinds like a centipede. Nanno asks Yuri what she wants but Yuri reiterates that she just wants to learn the ropes from Nanno, she then asks Nanno is afraid that she will do a better job than her.

Nanno then tells Yuri that she can do whatever she wants, she also subtly threatens Yuri by reminding her what happens to people who hangs around her.

Yuri doesn’t appear till much later in the episode where she helps Kaye escape from the cage Nanno locked him in. Nanno confronts Yuri again about what she’s doing but she tells Nanno that Nanno’s strategy takes a long time and she’s getting impatient.

Later towards the end of the episode Nanno asks Yuri about her strategy and she tells Nanno that her ways is faster and more fun. Nanno then subtly scolds her for killing a dog so unnecessarily just to further anger the other students and blame it all on Kaye but Yuri retaliates by laughing and telling the other freshmen students that whoever hits Kaye the most in the head will be the next head of the freshman class and will also get to skip the initiation rites.

The students rejoices and gets different weapons to hit Kaye in the head, Yuri then tells Nanno that Mr. Lucky (the dog) will be honored to die for such a good cause— teaching bullies their lesson by killing them, she then proceeds to ask Nanno if Kaye would really change his ways if they let him live.

Nanno smiles and tells Yuri she judges people way too fast. Yuri laughs sarcastically and says she can’t believe hearing those words from Nanno herself and if she maintains this point of view Yuri would really have to take Nanno’s job from her. Nanno simply responds “What are you waiting for?” before leaving— which sounds like Nanno is daring Yuri to try and take Nanno on.

Episode 6: “Liberation”

Nanno once again joins a new school that has very strict rules and regulations for its students. Yuri joins at the middle of the episode by transferring to Nanno’s school and asking teacher A if she can be a student inspector. By this time teacher A doesn’t know how to control Nanno so Yuri tells her she went to the same school as Nanno and knows what to do with her. She then tips teacher A of a secret group chat made by students who don’t agree with the school’s strict rules and regulations.

Yuri and Nanno stumbles upon each other on the school stairs one day and Yuri subtly insults Nanno by telling her that she’s dancing around the issues just like she did in the past, to which Nanno replied that Yuri is still a two-faced bitch just like in the past, Nanno also warns Yuri to stay out of her way.

In the next scene we see Yuri secretly filming Nanno and Teacher A fighting over a set of documents— then out of the blue Yuri pushes Nanno over the 3rd floor railing and Nanno falls to her death into the flagpole. Now that Nanno is gone, Yuri leads the students to revolt against their teachers and tells them that the teachers must write a confession about the bad things they did to the students as well as the illegal use of school funds. However, while the students were clamoring among themselves because one student accidentally kills a teacher— the school principal arrives holding a gun and takes control of the situation.

Once again the students are defeated and the teachers are in control. The school principal then tells the students he’ll forgive them of everything they’ve done including the murder under one condition: they kill Yuri using a knife.  At this moment four Nannos arrive at the scene and the lights went off.

Nanno tells the headmaster that he is outnumbered and he turns to shoot Nanno in the head but the students suddenly whip out their phones and start live steaming— showing what their headmaster is doing to Nanno. The headmaster tries to play it as a joke but loses control and is held down by the students. At the end of the episode we see Yuri being held captive in the repentance room. The other Nannos tells her that it’s difficult to breath in the room, there’s no phone reception and there’s no food either— they may resort to cannibalism to survive. The main Nanno calls Yuri a “black sheep” among them, then leaves.

We later see that all the other teachers are also held captive in the repentance room with Yuri and at the end of the film we see Yuri emerging soaked in blood as she lets out a blood curdling scream.

Episode 7: “Jenny X”

Nanno joins a new school and befriends a live steamer called Jenny X. Yuri once again joins us at the middle of the episode and pretends to be JennyX’s close friend at school. She stirs controversy by implying that Jenny’s disappearance isn’t caused by Jenny herself but by someone else— in this case Nanno.

Later on, Yuri meets with Jenny secretly and convinces her to team up against Nanno but Nanno is onto their plan and forces Jenny to kill her by holding Jenny’s hand and aiming the knife at herself. Nanno suffers a wound to her throat, while Jenny runs out and starts live streaming but to her surprise her audiences calls her a fake Jenny, we then find out that Nanno had stolen Jenny’s identity and changed peoples memories so that they remember Nanno as the real Jenny X.

Jenny goes home to confront Nanno but even her parents didn’t recognize her anymore. Nanno reveals that the police are on their way and before escaping Jenny asks Nanno if what she’s done is so wrong that she deserved all that she got from Nanno but Nanno didn’t respond.

Jenny’s question keeps replaying in Nanno’s mind and her smile fades away.   Yuri appears from the background, Nanno tells her she still has much to learn but Yuri mocks Nanno because the knife wound on her throat didn’t heal as fast as it used to in the past, and that she seems to doubt her purpose already. She then tells Nanno that she thinks Nanno’s mortal now. Nanno carefully runs her finger over her wound and the episode ends.

Episode 8: “The Judgement”

In the beginning of the episode Nanno wakes up from a nightmare where she sees herself being stabbed to death by a woman and we are introduced to a new character— Junko, who also wears a red ribbon on her hair like Yuri.

Yuri appears in the middle of the episode yet again where she asks Nanno if she’s happy with her choices and that’s it’d be easier to just kill Ms. Waan— Junko’s mother. She then reveals her own thoughts where she sees herself and Nanno as two peas in a pod, since Nanno’s blood runs in her veins— she can even see what Nanno dreams of at night. She compares their relationship to a mother and daughter’s. Nanno corrects her and tells her that her dream of just killing people will never come true.

Towards the end of the episode, Yuri appears again. We hear Junko tell her mother that her life was happier when she was able to kill her bullies but her mother took that away by poisoning her so that she wouldn’t be able to walk on her own. Yuri also reveals that she switched Junko’s toxic medications with real vitamins so that Junko could start walking again and promptly places a knife on her lap.

We find out that for Yuri, Junko is similarly a victim of her situation just like Yuri was but Nanno said they can hardly call themselves “victims” implying that they harm others as well.

Yuri seems to be enjoying the fact that a mother and daughter will be killing each other but Nanno stares ahead straight faced and isn’t gleeful like her, she criticizes Yuri for not learning how to punish people properly and for helping Junko even though she’s a killer. Yuri defends her actions by saying that Junko is also just a victim who wants to take revenge then asks Nanno to decide which of the two is more evil— Ms. Waan who knowingly crippled her own daughter to prevent her from killing more people or Junko who has a habit of killing anyone who bullies her.

Later, Nanno chooses to help Ms. Waan by shielding her from Junko’s knife but Ms. Waan redirected that knife to Nanno and proceeds to stab her incessantly— Yuri laughs manically at Nanno’s wrong choice and says human’s wickedness is never-ending, that they even use love to do and justify selfish things.

Afterwards, we see Junko approach her mother and slit her mother’s throat, while Yuri whispers to Nanno that her time is over and that she will be giving people the power to destroy one another. She cuts herself and shares some of her blood to Junko— an attempt to make Junko like herself and then they go separate ways.

At the end though, we see Nanno alive and well, looking at Junko and Yuri from afar and the episode ends.

Who is Yuri in Girl From Nowhere

Yuri is a new character who we’ve been seeing little snippets from the trailer and from the early episodes on season 2. She is played by Chanya McClory a 26 year old Thai actress. From all of the foreshadowing we can see that Yuri was once a normal human girl who got entangled with Nanno and is now a non-human entity just like Nanno. She was created when she gulped in some of Nanno’s blood in the process of being drowned in the tub where Nanno’s body was placed in episode 4.

Which makes us questions whether Nanno was aware she could create similar entities like her this way or this was a miss on her end.

It is quite exciting though because now we are left wondering wether Yuri is also able to create more entities like her and Nanno. In the final episode we see her attempting to do so through Junko so I guess it is safe to assume that we’ll be seeing more of Junko as well if there will be a season 3.

It i quite intriguing how Nanno will deal with this situation and if her character arch will change drastically in the next season— seeing that compared to the new entities like Yuri and Junko; Nanno seem to have more logic and is more forgiving. She doesn’t kill or harm others just for the sake of doing it— we can even say there’s a lesson or wisdoms behind her actions, we also discover that she doesn’t like unnecessary loss killings just like what Yuri did to Mr. Lucky. I guess we will have to hold our breaths until they release Girl From Nowhere Season 3 details.

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